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Rikota Dental Center

Rikota Dental Center

Lviv, Ukraine   |   Accreditation: none listed 

79026, 31,V.Velykoho str.

Lviv, Ukraine


Andriy Rikota





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Rikota Dental Center was founded in 1990 and is proud to be one of the first private clinics in Ukraine. Today it is a modern dental center which consists of a clinic and department for sale of dental materials and equipment.

Our staff consists of 23 people, 9 doctors. Work in the clinic is organized according to the model used all over the world, in which everyone is specialized in some definite field and still works as a part of the team.

Ricote is a dental clinic that is focused, primarily on aesthetic dentistry. We do not just treat teeth, and improving appearance of your smile, reaching an optimal harmony of aesthetics and function.

Head doctor Rikota Andriy is the winner of the Ukrainian Restoration Dental Contest. (2004). He received the reward “Best dentist of Ukraine” from the company Oral-B and Ukraine Dentists Association (2006).
Andriy Rikota is the president of the International organization “Young dentists club” and one of the regular editors of the health magazine “RIA”.


We offer the whole range of dental and diagnostic services:

– therapeutic stomatology
– prosthesis
– surgery stomatology
– implanting
– endodontia
– orthodontia
– parodontologia
– child stomatology
– esthetic stomatology
– anesthesiology


Rikota Andriy

Travel Information:

Rikota Dental Center is situated in one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine, Lviv, which in 2009 was defined by the magazine “Focus” as the best city to live in Ukraine.
Center covers 500m? and is situated in 15 minutes drive from the city centre. There are several hotels, supermarkets, an aquapark, trade and business centres in the nearby.