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Royal Artemis Hospital

Pafos, Cyprus   |   Accreditation: EN ISO 9001:2000, EN ISO 14001:2004 

Pavlou Crineou Str.

Pafos, Cyprus


+357 26961600



In service for 25 years, the Royal Artemis Medical Center provides first class medical care to both locals and visitors.

Royal Artemis Hospital provides a wide range of medical services including – but not limited to – dentistry, hemodialysis etc.

All our doctors speak English, also we have staff speaking German, Russian and other European languages.


The Dental Clinic at Royal Artemis Hospital offers a variety of dental treatments at a reasonable prices.

The Dental Clinic offers Cosmetic dentistry treatments- to improve the aesthetic of your smile, dental implants- replacing teeth which are missing or decayed, and general dental treatments.

Take care of all your dental needs while on holidays in Cyprus, one of the most prominent tourist destinations, taking advantage of both the excellent level of medical services in Cyprus and very low prices!!

Hemodialysis Center

The hemodialysis center at Royal Artemis Hospital offers dialysis treatments to both locals and travellers. If you or a member of your family are planning to visit Cyprus for holidays and need hemodialysis treament, then please call us. Our medical staff (Dr Christoforos Stavrou and dialysis trained nurses) are multilinqual and very well trained to take care of all the dialysis needs.


Cosmetic dentistry:

- teeth whitening
- veneers
- crowns
- white fillings
- orthodontics
- gum reshaping
- dental bridges


Dental implants 
General dental treatments
- Bridges
- Crowns
- Full replacement dentures
- Partial denture or overdenture
- Dental fillings
- Root Canals
- Inlays and Onlays

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