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Samitivej Hospital Network

Samitivej Hospital network in Thailand

Samitivej Hospital teamSamitivej Hospital in Thailand incorporates a group of leading medical institutions which draws inbound and outbound travelers annually.

Medical staff at Samitivej Hospital provide special care for its patients not only physically but holistically as well. The hospital boasts first class professional medical staff of doctors and nurses that provide excellent medical and emotional care of each individual.

The name “samitivej” means an assembly of doctors which reflects the attentive care and treatment of the professional staff. The hospitals have established an excellent reputation within Thailand and across the borders.

Specialties and Procedures:

Samitivej Hospitals boast first-class medical departments in all fields of medicine, the hospital has received accreditation from many important organizations such as the JCI for Disease or Condition Specific Care (DCSC), The Asian Hospital Management Award & the Baby Friendly Hospital by UNICEF.

Below are the Medical Divisions of Samitivej Hospital;

  • Allergy Center
  • All departments which relate to Pediatric and Well Baby
  • Heart
  • Eye
  • Liver & Digestive
  • Spine and Joint
  • Plastic & Esthetic
  • Cancer
  • Bone Marrow Transplantation
  • Nephrology
  • Gynecology

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  1. Sukhumvit Hopital
  2. Srinakarin Hospital
  3. Sriracha Hospital

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