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Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital

Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital

Bangkok, Thailand   |   Accreditation: JCI 

 133 Sukhumvit 49,

Klongtan Nua Vadhana, 10110





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Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital is part of the Samitivej Hospitals, one of the leading private hospital groups in Thailand.

Samitivej Sukhumvit has a comprehensive range of facilities and service from cosmetic to tertiary care. With 270 beds, 87 examination suites, over 400 specialists, and over 1,200 caregivers, the hospital has long been recognized as a comprehensive facility of choice for locals, expatriates and tourists.

The hospital’s range of high-technology medical equipment, complemented with its skilled team of caregivers and specialists has successfully performed complex surgery from open heart to liver transplant. The hospital is well equipped from digital imaging to the latest 64-slice CT Scan.

 The hospital’s international department is always available to assist our foreign patients and visitors.

JCI Accreditation:

Program: Hospital
First Accredited: 27 January 2007

Program: DCSC Certification Program
Lung Cancer Program
First Certified: 6 December 2008

Program: DCSC Certification Program
Acute Myocardial Infarction Program
First Certified: 4 December 2008

Program: DCSC Certification Program
Osteoarthritis of the Knee Program
First Certified: 15 August 2009


Child Health Institute
Dental Clinic
Dermatology Clinic(Skin)

Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic

-Diagnosis and Treatment of Ear Diseases and -Hearing Disorders
-Diagnosis and Treatment of Oral Cavity, -Throat, and Voice Box Diseases and Disorders
-Diagnosis and Treatment of Tumor or Cancer in the Ear, Nose and Throat
-Diagnosis and Treatment of Facial Injury
-Analyze Facial Nerve Abnormalities
-Allergy Clinic: Diagnosis and Treatment of Allergy
-Surgical Treatment for Ear, Nose, and Throat Diseases and Disorders
-Hearing and Speech Clinic: Diagnosis and -Treatment of Hearing and Speech Impairment
-Snoring Clinic:Diagnosis and Treatment of Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Eye Clinic

-General Ophthalmic
-Retina & Vitreous
-Pediatric Opthalmalogy & Strabimus
-Oculoplastic & Ocular Oncology

Heart Institute

Our heart institute is dedicated exclusively to the continuum of care from prevention, diagnosis, treatment through rehabilitation of heart and vascular problems

Hemodialysis Department

-Hemodialysis – using modern artificial -kidney (dialysis) machines
-Home hemodialysis
-Peritoneal dialysis

Internal Medicine Clinic

Liver and Digestive Institute

-Diagnose and treat all liver, pancreas and gallbladder diseases

-Diagnose and treat all digestive diseases and disorders.

Oncology Clinic & IV Team Unit

Orthopedic Surgery Clinic

The Samitivej Minimally Invasive Bone and Joint Center provides care for wide range of patients, as follows:
-Broken bones or displaced joints from accidents
-Joint inflammation resulting from gout and rheumatoid
-Slipped disk that puts pressure on the spinal nerve
-Children that have bow legs, congenial clubfoot, and/or flat-foot
-Microsurgery for knee joint or shoulder joint
-Joint replacement surgery in the knee and hip
-Customization shoes making service to correct or treat bone and joint disorder in children.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic

Plastic Surgery Clinic

-Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

-Rhinoplasty (nose)
-Blephaloplasty (eyelids)
-Upper Blephaloplasty (upper eyelids)
-Abdominal Lipectomy (Tummy Tuck)
-Face Lift
-Breast Augmentation
-Chin Augmentation
-Scar Revision/Repair
-Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
-Congenital deformaties
-Post mastectomy breast repair and reconstruction

 Psychiatry Clinic

Radiology Department
Samitivej Esthetics Institute
Samitivej LASIK Center
Samitivej Wellness Center
Surgery Clinic

Women’s Health Center

-Minimal Invasive Surgery [Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy] -Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technology-
-Gynecological Oncology

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