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San Patricio MRI & CT Center

San Patricio MRI & CT Center

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico   |   Accreditation: none listed 

280 Marginal Kennedy


Vanessa Vega





Our mission is to consistenly generate the most precise diagnoses for each patient in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean referred to our ambulatory facilities utilizing frequently upgraded state of the art imaging technology. Our mission is supported by the highest level of efficiency and the humane and empathic commitment of all our personnel.

Dr. Fernando Zalduondo Dubner, neuroradiologist and American Board Certified, concluded his position as Director of the Diagnostic Radiology Department (1998-2000) and Magnetic Resonance Director (1996-2001) at the Auxilio Mutuo Spanish Hospital of Puerto Rico, and organized a new imaging center in the competitive metropolitan area market, San Patricio MRI & CT Center, with a new level of emphasis on personalized service and the highest existing quality of images. The center offers innovative services in Radiology in Puerto Rico, which have shaken the industry. Dr. Zalduondo has offered the service of sending images and reports via Internet, since 1997.


San Patricio MRI & CT Center offers a state of the art Advanced Imaging Center for magnetic resonance imaging MRI, computed tomography CT, positron emission tomography PET CT, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound (general and vascular) & Dexa

Whole body Imaging with doctors specializing in : Neuroradiology, Thoracic Radiology, Musculosqueletal Radiology, Cardiac Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.

-Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA):

This refers to a type of MRI study in which the blood vessels can be observed without the superimposition of soft tissues.

-Body Screening:

San Patricio MRI & CT Center is proud to have introduced the CT Body Screening program in Puerto Rico by having the first multidetector spiral CT in an oupatient center and having received formal training in this type of practice.

-Coronary Calcium Scoring:

This CT scan study detects with exquisite detail, the presence of calcium. The calcium scoring software besides visualizing calcium in the arteries, can also quantify it.

-Hybrid PET-CT Scan:

The first hybrid PET-CT in Puerto Rico is available in our Center. A PET-CT machine is superior to the electronic fusion of data obtained in separate PET and CT machines.

-Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI):

This radiological modality makes it possible to explore with exquisite detail, the internal structures of the body in a noninvasive manner, facilitating the diagnosis of diverse conditions with speed and precision.

-Computed Tomography (CT):

This radiological modality allows the exploration of internal body structures in a non-invasive manner, but, unlike the MRI, using the benefit of X-rays, without any pain whatsoever. Just like the MRI, this examination is used to establish early diagnoses.

Insurance Accepted:

All major insurances