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Sanatorium S.M. Kirova

Sanatorium S.M. Kirova

Yalta, Ukraine   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Street Kirova, 39

98600 Crimea, Yalta


Nichoas Sampsidis


+38 0997952654



Situated in the heart of sunny Yalta overlooking the azure waters of the Black Sea, the Kirov Holiday Center is an ideal setting for combining a relaxing stay with health and healing.

Interest in medical tourism has grown in recent years, particularly with the introduction of the ORS Method. The internationally recognized, curative diet program is a cost-effective, natural solution for preventing or remedying chronic illness. The Curative Diet – ORS Method for reversing chronic illnesses was developed by the research team: Oster, Ross, Sampsidis.

Medical Center at the “Kirov Holiday Center”

Experienced specialists of “Kirov Holiday Center” resort put on respective treatment and develop individual program of preventive maintenance and treatment. At the services for our guests’ health there is automatic pump-room of mineral water.

The main attention in Medical Center of “Kirov Holiday Center” resort is attended to climatotherapy (aeroionotherapy, heliotherapy, thalassotherapy) and other natural factors.

At the “Kirov Holiday Center” resort the favorable environmental conditions of ionized, sated-with-oxygen air promote successful preventive maintenance and treatment of chronic nonspecific diseases of lungs, bronchial asthma, hypertensive illness, ischemic heart trouble, cerebral atherosclerosis, and other neuralgic diseases.


-“Contract with Health” & “Dress up for Dinner” programs 
- nontoxic & non-invasive methodologies for the treatment of atherosclerosis, chest pain, non-healing peripheral, trophic ulcers, arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, Lupus, chronic canker sores, gout and other cyclical, inflammatory conditions

The following functional researches are carrying out:


Various medical treatment:

all the types of physiotherapy;
phyto- and aromatherapy;
various inhalations;
medical physical training

Travel Information:

Practical Considerations:

- Bookings are recommended at least 30 days, in advance. Reservations are presently being taken for November, 2012 thru June, 2013.

- Travel to Yalta, Ukraine is visa-free for European and U.S. visitors.

- Simferopol, Ukraine is the closest airport city, approximately 90 km from Yalta. Guests enrolling in the ORS Program may request a transfer voucher when booking a reservation. It’s a reduction of 50% on airport pick-up and drop-off fares (normally, 80€ each way for 1-4 persons).

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