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Sayang Wellness Centre

Sayang Wellness Centre


Singapore   |   Accreditation: none listed photo_aboutus

Buangkok Green Medical Park

10 Buangkok View, Singapore 539747


(65) 6779-2777


Sayang Wellness Centre offers treatments that are individually tailored and uniquely delivered by a group of dedicated specialists spanning psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, counselors, medical social workers, care-givers, case manager, diet and fitness mentors working to achieve total patient care.

The unique setting and specialist treatment programmes have drawn patients from around the world and locally, since its establishment in March 2005. Patients? age range from 12 to 68 and average length of stay is 8 days.

Designed as a boutique wellness centre that soothes and calms, our two fully-equipped and well-designed wings – Acacia and Blossom – are newly set up for patients who require exacting and quality stay-in care.

Acacia wing has six single-bedded and nine double-bedded rooms. Blossom wing has four single-bedded, five double-bedded and four four-bedded rooms. Our professional caregivers and comprehensive programmes facilitate effective treatment and rehabilitation, thus enabling our patients’ return to healthy living.

Our Value-Added Programmes and Services include:
Daily keep-fit exercise
Mental health education
Diet & weight management
Specialized fitness programme
Group occupational therapy session
Group therapy session
Relaxation session
Talks on understanding Medications
Educational video and discussion
Personalized medication counseling upon discharge

Our Fully Air-conditioned Amenities include:
Therapy Rooms
Consultation Rooms
Conference rooms
Audio video rooms
Dining suite
Visitor lounge
Choice of daily menus
Beverages & snacks served upon request

Our Premium Clinical Programmes* include:
Dynamic psychotherapy intake assessments Psychometric & neuropsychological tests Individual occupational therapy 
Individual psychotherapy 
Individual physiotherapy 
Marital and couples therapy 
Family therapy 
Individual diet & nutrition counselling

For International Clients:

Dhaka (88) 0171 303-3762 or 02 912-1006

Balikpapan (62) 54 2720-4242 or 812 541-6980
Bandung (62) 22 7067-3777 or 811 236-482
Jakarta (62) 21 230-0606 or 813 8383-3388
Medan (62) 811 655-605
Pontianak (62) 561 765-381 or 813 4532-2850
Semarang (62) 811 270-832
Yogyakarta (62) 27 4446-4057 or 813 2849-1608

Mandalay (95) 9 99-70333
Yangon (95) 9 99 70333

Karachi (92) 0302 205-4540 or 11 111-222-444

Manila (632) 637-1410

Hanoi (84) 4 843 0748 or 0903 401-919
Ho Chi Minh City (84) 8 822-7848 or 0913 234-911

You can contact our
Singapore International Patient Liaison Office:
24hour helpline at: (65) 6779-2777
Fax: (65) 6777-8065
Email: iplc@nhg.com.sg


Mental Health
Anxiety and depression 
Individual psychotherapy
Sleep disorders 
Group psychotherapy
Eating disorders 
Cognitive therapy
Addiction and substance abuse Family therapy
Neuropsychiatric disorders Counseling
Sexual dysfunction 
Relaxation therapy
Psychological and psychiatric disorders in elderly persons 
Emotional and behavioural problems in adolescents and children

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