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Medical Services – The Health Care Sector

Medical Services – The Health Care Sector

All of us have personal experience of voluntary or unintended use of medical services, an umbrella term which epitomizes a wide range of health care services and products. The structure and cost implications of a comprehensive health care system vary from country to country, and are largely defined by the nation’s socio-economic conditions and government policies. In countries where the demographic figures show an aging tendency, longer life expectancy but declining health status, there is an ever increasing demand for a medical health service.

services-providers Stethoscope and medical gloves

One of the most prominent health care regulatory bodies, the World Health Organization points out that for a functioning health care system you need massive financing (taxation, social or public health funding, voluntary or private insurance), highly qualified sector workers, well – equipped medical facilities and efficient medication. Quite obviously we also have to add health care research activity, logistics and administrative proceedings.

However, no matter how efficient the system is, to ensure quality medical coverage is a question of self-care.

 What sub-services are included?

Basically we have to make a distinction between preventive, diagnostic and treatment services and emergency or traumatic health care services.

Health care is provided by practitioners of medicine, nursing, pharmacies and health-care administrators.

Medical procedures include:  

  • Visits to doctors, hospitals for regular checkups and diagnostic treatment.
  • Use of dental services.
  • Inpatient treatment in hospitals.
  • Use of prescription drugs.
  • Emergency medical services (the activity of the ambulance to provide emergency medical treatment for patients in need of urgent aid or who are unable to move).
  • Use of products related to health, like glucose level tests, syringes, diapers.

Medical Services Abroad

  • People can be insured
  • Publicly (in the USA by Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP)
  • Privately
  • The combination of these two
  • Uninsured.
  • services-providers Doctor shows First Aid sign

Besides the differences in costs and quality, the service and profit oriented medical providers have induced the proliferation of medical tourism services. More and more people seek medical services abroad individually or through medical agencies abroad.

Over the last two decades there has been a surge in patients who discovered the benefits of medical tourism, which means travelling abroad for medical and dental treatments or aesthetic surgeries. In doing so, people usually consider the affordability of services but also the costs of living and estate prices abroad. According to a recent survey the most popular countries for medical tourism services are Malaysia, Panama, France, Uruguay and Mexico.

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