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Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics

Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics


Shanghai, China   |   Accreditation: JCI ShanghaiUnited

1139 Xian Xia Lu, Changning District,

Shanghai 200336, PR China





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Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics (SHU) is the first international standard healthcare service hospital established in Shanghai. A joint venture between Chindex international Inc. and the Shanghai Changning Central District Hospital, SHU opened its doors December 1, 2004.

Our dedicated international team of physicians prides itself in providing international healthcare without international travel, thus making it possible for families in China to enjoy quality healthcare services without having to travel long distances. We will share knowledge and experience between the two hospitals, allowing us to further increase the quality and availability of our services.

International Patients:

Language services can be provided by our hospital staff who are fluent in numerous languages including: English, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Persian, Spanish, Russian, and Cantonese. If the language of your choice is not available, we are pleased to offer, free of charge, a telephone translation service available in over 40 languages, 24 hours a day. Please ask the nurse for assistance.

For families residing outside of Beijing or Shanghai, our Patient Services Department can assist you and your family members with finding accommodation near our facilities as well as transportation to our locations.

Contact our department for help with reserving and purchasing international or local air tickets or train tickets. We can also help with local transport should you wish to hire a car or take a taxi.

We can also provide you information regarding short-term and mid-term lodging. We have arrangements with hotels in the vicinity of the hospital where you can rent a room or an apartment at a reasonable rate.

JCI Accreditation:
Program: Hospital
First Accredited: 3 July 2008


Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics has a wide range of treatments and procedures- see.

- Dermatology and Laser Skin Center
- Dental, Orthodontics & Implants
- Eye Clinic
- Internal Medicine
- Obstetrics and Gynecology
- Pediatrics

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