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Siloam Hospitals Lippo Karawaci

Tangerang, Indonesia   |   Accreditation: JCI 

Jl. Siloam No. 6, Lippo Karawaci 1600

Tangerang 15811, Indonesia


+62 21 546 0055



Siloam Hospitals Lippo Karawaci is our flagship medical facility offering a comprehensive range of world-class medical services catering for both inpatient and outpatient needs, and includes an Accident and Emergency Department.

Our private hospital treats more than 250,000 patients annually, and delivers approximately 1,700 babies each year in its Maternity Ward.

Siloam Hospitals Lippo Karawaci is home to Indonesia’s premier Centre’s of Excellence in Neuroscience, Heart Clinic services, in addition to a comprehensive range of Medical Specialties which deliver the full range of services expected of any private hospital in a major city.

Under affiliation with Fujita Health University in Japan and National Neuro Science Institute Singapore, our Neuroscience Centre is known for its success in providing accurate diagnosis and treatment in the care of nerve disorders and vascular disease. The Center is supported by professional medical practitioners with their respective specialization in neuro surgical and is equipped with the latest clinical equipment.

SHLK Centre of Medical Excellence is for Heart Disease (Heart Center) and it is known for its capacity in diagnosing and treating patients with cardiovascular disease. The Center provides various services including curative, medication, surgery and rehabilitation.

The Center has a Cardiac Unit serving as post-treatment following Angiography and Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angiography (PTCA), which is a technique to clear the blood stream to the heart; it is similar to Coronary Angiography. Compared to the previous year, the application of Angiography has increased 24%, while PTCA has increased 90%.

The team of Heart Center , Lung & Vascular at Siloam Hospitals Lippo Karawaci consists of various multidisciplinary fields including of cardioangiologist, cardiothoracic surgeon, cardiovascular technology, nutritionist , medical rehab specialist, psychologist, general practitioner and specialist nurses. They are ready to assist you.

Lippo Karawaci success is centered around its 42 full-time doctors (187 specialist doctors in total) and dedicated support staff who work exclusively at our hospital, and who recognize a patient’s need for consistent and reliable medical treatment in modern facilities. Our Charter of Patients’ Rights is actively promoted by our experienced and caring team of medical professionals, and we strongly believe that our enormous growth and loyalty in the number of patients we treat is a direct result of our international level of patient care.

Siloam Hospitals Lippo Karawaci provides both the Indonesian and International community with an extensive range of readily accessible, specialised clinical and support services at cost effective fees.

Siloam Hospitals Lippo Karawaci is part of Siloam Hospitals, a division of Indonesian?s largest diversified property group, PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk.

JCI Accreditation:
Program: Hospital
First Accredited: 19 September 2007


Centre’s of Excellence:
- Neuroscience

* Neurosurgeon
* Neurologist
* Neuro Physiologist
* Neuro Radiologist
* Neuro Intensivist
* Neuro Endocrinologist
* Neuro Anesthetists

- Heart Clinic services


* Nutritionist
* Acupuncturist
* Allergy & Immunologist
* Paediatrician
* Pediatric Cardiologist
* Pediatric Surgeon
* Pediatric Neurologist
* Surgeon
* Oncology Surgeon
* Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgeon
* Periodontist
* Cardiologist
* Psychiatrist
* Obstetrics & Gynecologist
* Dermato-Venerologist
* Male and Female Clinic
* Ophthalmologist
* Spie Surgery
* Orthopaedic Surgeon
* Plastic Surgeon
* Urologic Surgeon
* Neurosurgeon
* Geneticist
* Oral Surgeon
* Endodontist
* Orthodontist
* Oral Medicine
* Dentist
* Pulmonologist
* Internist
* Estetiderma
* Psychologist
* Physiotherapist
* Neurologist
* Digestive Surgeon

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