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Singelberg Clinic

Singelberg Clinic

Beveren-Waas, Belgium   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Grote Markt 32, 9210



0032 ? 3 755 51 00 Belgium, 44(0)871 284 7000 UK



Website in: English, Dutch, Belgium

The goal of the Singelberg Clinic, in Beveren-Waas, Belgium, is to perform plastic and cosmetic surgery at affordable prices whilst maintaining the highest quality.

Singelberg Clinic offers consultations in its London locstion and operations to Belgium, offering people a more affordable operation, while at the same time maintaining a high quality.

Our very experienced plastic surgeon, Dr Oelbrandt, trained both in Belgium and abroad (UK, US and India). He is fully registered with the Belgian and British General Medical Councils and is a member of the Belgian Royal Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr Oelbrandt works both in a private clinic, and in a Belgian NHS hospital. Smaller cases (eg breast enlargement, liposuctions, eyelids, mini facelifts, ears, etc… are done as a day case in the SingelbergClinic; more complex cases are done in the Belgian public (NHS-like) hospital, where longer operations and overnight stays are possible.



Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery:


Breast Correction:

– Breast Implants
– Breast Lift
– Breast Reduction
– Male Chest Reduction


– Liposuction


– Face Lift
– Mini Lift
– Eyelid Surgery
– Earcorrection
– Rinoplasty
– Tummy Tuck

Travel Information:

Most patients use Eurostar to go to Brussels, and take a train from there to go to the private Singelberg Clinic, or to the public hospital at Bornem.

There are three hotels close-by for accompanying relatives, friends and partners.