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Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital


New Delhi, India   |   Accreditation: none listed Sir-Ganga-Ram-Hospital

Rajinder Nagar

New Delhi 110060




Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is a 650-bed multi-speciality state-of-the-art hospital in Delhi. It provides comprehensive health care services, and has acquired the status of a premier medical institution. It is the only hospital in the private sector that has maintained nearly 100% bed occupancy due to its reputation of providing the highest level of medical services to patients from Delhi and neighbouring states.

Organ Transplants

Hospital Organ Donation Registry, a center for the country, has been set up at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi, with a purpose of encouraging organ donations, fair and equitable distribution and optimum utilization of human organs.

This registry is maintaining the waiting list of terminally ill patients requiring transplants, donor registration, matching of recipients with donor, co-ordination from procurement of organs to transplantation, dissemination of information to all concerned hospitals, organizations and individuals, creating awareness, promotion of organ donation and transplantation activities.

Why do we need an Organ Donation Registry?

Life is too precious to be lost to an organ failure. But millions have lost their lives when a vital organ failed to function in their body. The fact is, medical advances in the field of transplant immunology, surgical management and organ preservation have made the transplantation of vital organs possible. Thus providing a viable approach to the management of diseases that cause irreversible organ failure. So, all you need to know and do is pledge for donation and help precious lives from being lost before their time.


* Academics
* Anaesthesia
* Biochemistry (Chemical tests for diseases)
* Dharma Vira Heart Centre
o Cardiology (Heart)+ Hyperlipidaemia Prevention clinic
o Cardiac Surgery (Heart Surgery)
* Centre for Child Health
o Neonatology (Newborns)
o Paediatrics (Children)
+ Development clinic
+ Genetic clinic
+ Pulmonology clinic
+ Endocrinology clinic
+ Thalassaemia clinic
+ High Risk Neonates clinic
+ Haematology Oncology clinic
+ Neurology clinic
+ Nephrology clinic 
+ Gastroenterology clinic)
o Paediatric Surgery (Surgery on children)
* Chest Medicine (Lungs & chest diseases)
* Critical Care & Emergency Medicine (Care of the seriously ill)
* CT Scan & MRI (Imaging)
* Dental Surgery (Teeth)
* Dermatology (Skin)
* ENT & Speech Therapy (Ear, Nose, Throat)
* Endocrinology (Diabetes, Thyroid, Hormone problems)
* Gastroenterology (Liver, Stomach, Intestine problems)
* General Surgery
o Breast Clinic
o Colorectal Clinic
* Genetic Medicine (Tests for hereditary diseases)
* Haematology & Clinical Pathology (Tests for blood diseases and examination of urine, stool & body fluids)
* Histopathology (Tests for tissue removed)
* Holistic Medicine
o Tobacco cessation clinic
o Yoga lifestyle clinic
o Acupuncture
o Ayurveda
o Homoeopathy
* Hospital Administration
o Administration
o Operation Theatres
o Telemedicine

* Medicine
o Rheumatology clinic
* Microbiology (Tests for infections)
* Minimal Access & Bariatric Surgery Centre (Keyhole surgery)
o Endosurgery clinic
o Gall bladder disease clinic
* Multi-Organ Transplantation
* Nephrology (Kidneys)
* Neurosciences
o Neurology (Brain, spine, nerve & muscle)
o Neurosurgery (Brain & spine surgery)
o Clinical Neurophysiology (Nerve function studies)
o Sleep Medicine
* Nuclear Medicine (Tests for hormones, bone densitometry etc.)
* Nursing
o Nursing Administration
o School of Nursing
* Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Women & child)
o Centre of IVF & Human Reproduction
o Adolescent clinic
o Gynae Oncology clinic
o High risk pregnancy clinic
o Family planning clinic
o Mature women clinic
o Uro-Gynaecology clinic
* Oncology (Cancer) 
o Medical oncology
o Onco-surgery
* Ophthalmology (Eyes)
* Orthopaedics (Bones)
o Scoliosis
o Back pain clinic
o Minimal invasive orthopaedic surgery (Arthroscopic surgery)
o Sports medicine clinic
* Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
o Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Surgery
* Psychiatry (Mental problems) 
* Radiology and Ultrasound (X-ray & ultrasound)
* Rehabilitation Medicine
* Renal Transplant Surgery (Kidney surgery)
* Research Cell
* Surgical Gastroenterology (Surgery of Liver, pancreas, stomach & intestines)
* Thoracic Surgery (Chest & lung surgery)
* Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank)
* Urology (Urinary tract problems)
o Prostate Cancer Clinic
* Peripheral and Endovascular Surgery (Blood vessel surgery)
o Swollen leg and varicose ulcer clinic
o Limb ischaemia detection clinic
o Diabetic foot Care Center

 The hospital serves as a research center, over forty projects are held in the medical institution and ae highly regarded.

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