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Slovak Health Spa Piestany

Slovak Health Spa Piestany

Piestany, Slovakia   |   Accreditation: none listed 

 Winterova 29


Michaela Kobzova


00421 33 775 6158



Website in: Slovakian, German, English, Russian

Health and Healing ? Get up and go

Welcome to Wellness!

Spa Piestany provides the perfect environment for the restoration of our guests health, wellbeing and relaxation through the use of high-quality curative treatments, application of state-of the art medical and rehabilitation methods and of course the unique curative mud and sulphur water.

This combined with the use of Piestany’s natural mineral water, curative gases and other effective medical treatments, gives you the perfect opportunity to recuperate and improve your health in the pleasant, stress-free environment of the Spa island.

A list of the Piestany Spas:

Thermia Palace

Balnea Esplanade Palace

Balnea Splendid

Balnea Grand

Villa Berlin

Pro Patria



Green Tree


- rheumatoid arthritis and its variations, 
– reactive and secondary arthritis, 
– ankylosing spondylitis, 
– idiopathic scoliosis and of other ethiology, 
– degenerative diseases of joints (arthrosis, 
vertebrogenic syndrome, 
– non-joint rheumatism, 
– post-accident and post-operative states of locomotive apparatus, 
– polyneuropathies with paretic signs, 
– root syndromes of a vertebrogenic origin, 
– post- meningoencephalitis and myelitis states, 
hemiparesis and paraparesis of a vascular origin after the acute state, 
– post-accident and post-operation states of the central and peripheral nerves, 
– scattered sclerosis and other
– demyelinisation diseases in benign state, 
syringomyelia with paretic signs, continually specially treated

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