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Smile Designers

Smile Designers

Krackow, Poland   |   Accreditation: none listed 

ul. Retoryka 5/1

31-108 Krak?w


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In 2007 our modern Smile Designers dental clinic opened in Krakow.

Our dental center is a clinic which has its own priorities of the dental treatment and specific policy. We provide family-centered care. All kinds of dental treatment of children and adults are carried out here. Our dental center is available for everyone. Everyone receives an objective and impartial information on the treatment plan, dentists’ qualifications, their postgraduate education, the level of disinfection, sterilization, fees and expected results

Our patients get a three years guarantee for all fillings and prosthetic restorations made in our clinic. The guarantee becomes valid, when the patient attends regular check-ups (every 6 months) during which our dental hygienists will remove calculus and plaque,and conduct fluoridation of the teeth. Our dentist will perform an examination of the patient. We give ten years guarantee for implantological treatment, one year guarantee for periodontal and relaxing splints. There is no guarantee for endodontic (root canal) treatment.

0048 602 369 182 Jan Holly (English)

0014 168 258 779 Tomasz Kr?l (English) 

0048 665 448 529 Krystyna Ozyahyalar (English, German, Croatian)

0048 514 775 683 Monika Pawlica (German, English)

0048 517 379 499 Erik L?fdahl (Svenska, Engelska)



Three teeth whitening methods
Aesthetic fillings
Canal root treatment (endodontics)

- Traditional crowns and bridges
- Fullceramic veneers, crowns, inlays and bridges
- Bridges on glassfibre
- Standard and custom-made post and cores
- Prosthetic work on implants
- Acrylic, frame, vinyl dentures, splint dentures
- Treatment of functional changes of temporomandibular joints

Gum diseases (periodontology):

- Removing of supra- and-sub gingival deposits
- Curettage
- Treating of gum (gingival) recession and bleeding gums
- Periodontal surgery
- Aesthetic gum correction


- Implants (Nobel Biocare system)
- Painless teeth extractions
- Surgical extractions of unerupted teeth
- Procedures on alveolar process (the so called “osteoplasty”)
- Plastic correction of frenulum of the tongue and lips (frenuloplasty)
- Microsurgery procedures

Aesthetic dentistry:

- Teeth whitening
- Full ceramic veneers, crowns, inalys and bridges
- Aesthetic composite fillings
- Gum corrections Look at proper sections above
- Implants
- Orthodontic treatment

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