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Swissmed Hospital

Swissmed Hospital

Gdansk, Poland   |   Accreditation: ISO 9001 – 2000 Certified

ul. Wilenska 44

80-215 Gdansk


(48) 58 344-05-18



Website in: Polish, English

The Swissmed Hospital is a 73-bed facility. It is the first health care institution of this kind in Poland. It is part of Swissmed Centrum Zdrowia, a dynamically developing medical organization since 1996. They provide medical care for not only local patients but also ptients from abraod with its six outpatient clinics and the multi-speciality Swissmed Hospital.


International Patient

Foreign patients are offered both hospital treatment and stay in Poland connected with necessary procedure. Each patient may be certain that to meet his individual needs and expectations we will provide:

- a personal coordinator, who will assist and support the patient at hospital
- transport from airport facility or harbour to hospital
- consultations with specialists
- diagnostic examinations
- accommodation
- medical procedure
- after procedure: stay at post-operative room of higher standard
- complete medical information and complete medical documentation for the consultant physician at the place of residence
- convalescence in best Polish Spas
- dental services


Procedures carried out:

- Plastic surgery
- Vascular Surgery / Blood Vessel Surgery
- General surgery
- Oncological surgery
- Bariatric surgery / Weight Loss Gastrointestinal Surgery
- Paediatric surgery
- Invasive cardiology
- Neurosurgery
- Orthopaedics
- Laryngological procedures


Swissmed Centrum Zdrowia S.A. has established collaboration with the Kettering Medical Center Network in Dayton, Ohio, (USA). The collaboration offers opportunity for training for physicians, middle medical staff and managers employed in our new hospital. The medical partnership agreement signed by Swissmed and Kettering Medical Center anticipates the possibility of sending Polish patients to the USA in order to perform specialist surgeries, which are not conducted in our country. This makes Swissmed the first in Europe affiliated institution of the American medical organization. Medical collaboration with Cleveland Clinic as well as with the British National Health System will soon also be possible (within the Operations Abroad programme).

Main registration: (+48 58) 524-15-00


Plastic Surgery
Obesity Treatment
Orthopedic surgery


- Knee joint arthroscopy
- Shoulder joint arthroscopy
- Knee joint alloplasty
- -Hip joint alloplasty

Laser Ophthalmology Centre

Varicose vein treatment centre