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Thalasemia Centre DOHMS

Thalasemia Centre DOHMS

Dubai, UAE   |   Accreditation: JCI 




Opened in 1989 as a subdivision of the Pediatrics Department of the Al Wasl Hospital, the Genetic & Thalasemia Centre comprises two clinical divisions – the Thalasemia & Hemoglobinopathy section & the Clinical Genetics Section. This centre caters to a variety of inherited disorders including Thalasemia, sickle cell disease and HbH disease.

The centre is noted for rapidly controlling the number of Thalasemia births in the community, and the centre is proud to report no new births with Thalasemia recorded among registered UAE national families since 1998.

International recognition:

The Genetic & Thalasemia Centre was selected among all DOHMS departments to be represented for the Dubai Quality Award and was listed several times by the Dubai Quality Award selection committee for nomination.

In addition, the Thalasemia International Federation, during their visit to the centre was highly appreciative of the activities at the centre and suggested in their letter to World Health Organization (WHO) that it can be considered as a model for other countries to follow.

Moreover, the genetic counseling services received special praise, as did the excellent laboratory support and the unique Thalasemia Software Program.

Consultative services and recreational areas:

The centre offers generous recreational areas catering to different age groups (with toys, games, TV, video and computer training) and an exhibition hall presenting our entire patients? creative work. The centre actively coordinates and supports the Emirates Thalasemia Society (comprised of parents of Thalasemia children) in its various activities. These include health education for the patient population, awareness about Thalasemia through media to the general public and various activities in schools and colleges to spread awareness of Thalasemia in the community.

The Thalasemia Center- DOHMS is a member hospital of the Department of Health and Medical Services that provides administrative and financial services to its member hospitals, primary health care facilities and other institutions.

JCI Accreditation:
Program: Ambulatory Care
First Accredited: 9 November 2007


Thalasemia Centre offers consultative services for various genetic disorders including:

- Child with dysmorphic facies
- Child with congenital malformations
- Thalassemia &Hemoglobinopathies
- Down syndrome
- Fragile X syndrome
- Neurodegenerative diseases
- Recurrent pregnancy loss
- Infertility
- Mucopolysaccharidoses
- Ambiguous genitalia
- Neural tube defects
- Skeletal dysplasia

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