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The Center of Orthopedic Cosmetology

The Center of Orthopedic Cosmetology

Volgograd, Russia   |   Accreditation: none listed 

82 Zemliachki str.





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The Center of Orthopedic Cosmetology preforms
a series of unique cosmetological surgery that can increase height, correct deformed leg shapes, and correct the deformation in anterior part of the feet. The treatment is based on advanced computer technologies from more than forty (40) patented inventions and patents developed in the field of traumotology, orthopedy and cosmetic surgery.


The Center of Orthopedic Cosmetology is a scientific-practical institution, which has originated and successfully developed a new direction in cosmetic surgery – orthopedic cosmetology. At present, it is the only organization in the world having a genuine experience of working in this field of medicine.


The Center of Orthopedic Cosmetology has treated over 800 patients for cosmetic defects and foot diseases, over 200 patients have undergone correction of the axis and improvement of the shape of the lower extremities, and over 40 patients have had their lower extremities lengthened for cosmetic purposes. Along with Russian citizens, we also have had patients from Europe, Asia, and the US.


- Limb Lengthening
– Height Increase
– Correction of Leg Shapes
– Surgery of the Deformation of the anterior part of the feet