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The Clementine Churchill Orthopaedic Centre

The Clementine Churchill Orthopaedic Centre

London, UK   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Sudbury Hill, Harrow

Middlesex, HA1 3RX


020 8872 3954



The Clementine Churchill Orthopaedic Centre
offers fast track bookings for Orthopaedic care and a complete treatment process.

The Clementine Churchill Orthopaedic Centre includes a Physiotherapy Suite situated on the ground floor adjacent to the Consulting Centre. The department has a team of chartered Physiotherapists who will provide you with care and attention appropriate to your individual needs.

The facilities include a hydrotherapy pool, 2 gyms and individual treatment areas.

During an initial consultation a physiotherapist will give you an assessment and recommend a course of treatment, or a referral to a consultant. Your GP will be regularly informed.

You don?t need a GP referral to access treatment and it is covered by most private medical insurance schemes, or you can self pay.

Treatment programmes include:

* Manipulation and mobilisation techniques for neck and back problems
* Sports Injuries
* Post-operative rehabilitation
* Spinal Assessment to discover the causes of back pain
* Muscular Sprains and Strains
* Hydrotherapy
* Acupuncture
* Massage
* Clinical Pilates
* Isokinetic Assessment and Treatment

The Clementine Churchill Orthopaedic Centre is part of The Clementine Churchill Hospital.

The BMI Clementine Churchill Hospital is part of the BMI Healthcare Group, the largest provider of private health care in the United Kingdom.


* Arthroscopic Surgery
* Foot and Ankle Surgery
* Hand Surgery
* Musculoskeletal Disease
* Neck and Back Disorders
* Shoulder Surgery
* Spinal Surgery
* Sports Injury
* Total Hip Replacement
* Total Knee Replacement

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