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Thermenhof Sonderkrankenanstalt fur Rehabilitation

Thermenhof Sonderkrankenanstalt fur Rehabilitation

Villach, Austria   |   Accreditation: JCI 

Kur- und Rehabzentrum Thermenhof Sonderkrankenanstalt fur Rehabilitation

Kumpfallee 93, 9504 Warmbad-Villach, Austria





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The Thermenhof rehabilitation centre at the Warmbad-Villach spa resort enjoys a special status in Austria. Not only does it specialise in rehabilitation but also in prevention. In fact, its stylishness and superb facilities make you forget that you are actually a patient.

JCI Accreditation:

Program: Care Continuum|
First Accredited: 19 November 2005
Re-acccredited: 20 November 2008

If you would also like to enjoy the Spa and Resort at the ThermanResort, we are committed to treating people holistically. The Warmbad springs surrounded by enchanting countryside provide perfect conditions for revitalising and improving your health.

The latest rehabilitation facilities, optimum nursing care and a medical team on hand round the clock benefit both body and soul at theThermenhof Sonderkrankenanstalt fur Rehabilitation.

The treatments act as a form of stimulation on your system. Experts therefore also refer to it as reaction therapy. The classic course of therapy lasts for at least three weeks.

General benefits of hydrotherapy:

- Water is excellent for transferring heat

- Counteracting gravity, it is the ideal medium for exercise therapy

- Its hydrostatic pressure has an anti-oedematous effect

- Highly mobilizing

-Extremely relaxing for mind and muscles


Post-Operative Rehabilitation:

- After orthopaedic operations
- After accidents requiring operations, including sports injuries
- After neurosurgical operations


- Rehabilitation following orthopaedic procedures and trauma surgery:
- Hip and knee replacements
- Post-operative rehabilitation
- Paralysis and disabilities

Rehabilitation after operations approved by the national insurance funds lasts three weeks. It can however be extended if required.

General Therapy & Rehabilitation:

Many orthopaedic problems require special therapy and rehabilitation. The Thermenhof rehabilitation centre in Warmbad-Villach with its natural thermal springs has trained staff and all the facilities for:

- Physiotherapy
- Hydrotherapy
- Balneotherapy

Qualified therapists support patients during their stay here for all kinds of rehabilitation. Physiotherapy, back exercises, biofeedback, traction beds, gait training and medicinal mud are all used to help them attain maximum freedom from pain, independence and mobility. Our medical specialists constantly monitor and check patients? progress.


- Degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as arthritis and spondylosis
- Chronic neuritis
- Borderline hypertension
- Hormonal disturbances, especially hypofunction

Orthopaedic Prevention:

Prevention is better than cure. It may be an old saying, but we at the Thermenhof believe it still holds true today. Whether you have problems with your back or joints, rheumatism or sciatica, if you do something about it in good time, you can save yourself a lot of trouble later.

Therapy available:

- Balneotherapy
- Exercise therapy in thermal water
- Medicinal baths
- Medical wraps
- Remedial massage, lymph drainage
- Physiotherapy, individual and in groups
- Relaxation therapy
- Ergometry
- Biofeedback
- Electrotherapy
- Muscle building and weight training

Spa and Beauty Treatments:

Whether you choose thalassotherapy, a manicure, pedicure or gentle massage ? you will feel completely revitalised here. Packages are available.

Stimulation Therapy at Warmbad is suitable for:

Degenerative and rheumatic diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthritis, spondylosis, disc and spinal damage)
- Rehabilitation after orthopaedic operations (hip and knee replacement surgery, muscle and ligament reconstruction and arthroscopic surgery) and after accidents
- Rehabilitation after neurosurgical operations (disc operations, artificial disc replacement and stabilising spine operations)
- Peripheral neurological disorders (neuritis, neuralgia, sciatica, paralysis and dysfunctions)
- Deterioration and loss of mobility in the joints
- Muscular tension and weakness
- Circulatory disorders
- Obesity and poor circulation due to lack of exercise
- Stress-related diseases

Spa and Beauty Treatments:

- Thalassotherapy effectively tackles three core problems:
- Detoxifying and purifying the body
- Restoring and revitalising the skin?s texture
- Treating problem zones (cellulite)

- Meso | Beauty Lift

- Bioresonance treatments

- Surgery for aesthetic and surgical dermatology

Dr. Markus Kristen has specialised in the area of conventional liposuction under local anaesthesia (tumescent technique) with vibrating cannula and also in superficial liposuction for the sweat glands in the armpits, which he performs as well as surgery on eyelids, varicose veins, protruding ears, scars, hair transplants, etc. in the modern, fully equipped operating theatres at a hospital near his surgery in Warmbad-Villach

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