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Rovinj, Croatia   |   Accreditation: none listed 


Aleja 30. svibna 5

52210 Rovinj


Vedran Ilakovac


00385/52/811 001


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Trident is a centre for aesthetic dentistry and implantology.

Our facilities have 5 completely equipped dental surgery theaters with state-of-the art dental laboratory. Four dental surgeons with international experience and three nurses are employed at the clinic. The team is further supported by four top technicians working in the dental laboratory. Both the dental surgery and laboratory use state-of-the art materials and advanced technology in order to offer our clients service of the highest quality.

Trident owns its own apartments which are rented to their clients at very reasonable prices. In addition to providing dental services for their clients we organize various tours e.g. trip to Venice, Rovinj sightseeing, visit to Pula (the most beautiful antique amphitheatre in the world), gastronomic experience of the region of Istria, the visit to the national park Brijuni etc.

Services offered our International Patients

1. The first check-up and consultation with a plan of therapy and quotation are free (Weekend by Trident).
2. Trident owns its own apartments – it offers patients and their companions comforts and privacy in the charming and admirable Mediterranean Rovinj.
3. Transport from Pula or Trieste Airport to Rovinj and back is provided. The low-cost airline company – Ryanair flies to Pula (30 min by car from Rovinj) or Trieste (2 hours by car from Rovinj) seven days a week.
4. Prices are up to 70 % lower than in the UK
5. Time not spent in the dental surgery can be spent walking along the seaside or enjoying the romantic town of Rovinj as well as tasting delicious sea specialties.
6. The team that takes care of you consists of twenty employees.
7. All the treatments are under guarantee. Check-ups are provided every six months and are free of charge.


Major dental treatments in our dental centre are:

- Dental implants
- Crowns
- Bridges
- Denture
- Veneers
- Tooth whitening / bleaching
- White fillings
- Root canal treatment

Travel Information:

All bigger towns in ranger of 2 hours driving by car are connected with UK and Ireland: London, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow, Birmingham, Dublin, etc.

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