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Villa Eden

Villa Eden

Merano, Italy   |   Accreditation: none listed 

The Beauty & Health Resort

Via Winkel 68/70 ? 39012 Merano Alto Adige


+39 0473 23 65 83



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We are proud that Villa Eden is composed by practitioners of great value be able to transform your vacation in a special moment. A staff with doctors, therapists and medical practitioners offers modern services to help you and to take care of your health.

The Scientific Committee (VECS), founded by Agelika Schmid, is constantly in search of methodologies or technologies to offer to the guests effective treatments and programs. The twenty-year experience of Villa Eden has allowed to combine the ancient knowledge of the traditional Chinese medicine with the most innovative scientific discoveries, giving particular attention to the biophysical and bioenergetic field.

Aesthetics medicine Philosophy
Aesthetic cosmetic surgery is a branch of medicine that is devoted to the restoration and/or correction of physical and mental balance on the one hand and on the other appeals to people who are not satisfied with their looks as well.A better awareness and acceptance of one’s own personality also involves accepting one’s body in its entirety.


Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Procedures:

Lid tightening
Tooth whitening
Breast Enlargement
Hair transplant

Other spa treatments:
Spa therapy treatments
Anti aging treatments
Message therapy

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