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VIMC – first class surgeries all under one roofAustria


Kreuzgasse 17-19, 1180 Vienna, Austria

+43 1 364 9555

+43 1 364 9555


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Vienna International Medical Clinic (VIMC) is an established top class medical institution. VIMC is world- wide known to many medical travelers who come for complicated surgeries to cosmetic surgeries, knowing they receive top service.
Medical equipment in operating rooms are at international standards with cutting edge technology. Doctors are chosen carefully and are skillful and well-qualified. All nurses have nursing credentials and certification.
Families and patients are accommodated in comfortable rooms or suites with special care for the patient’s needs. Rooms have a private shower and a balcony.
Upon your arrival, our representative will assist you with all necessary administrative and hospitalization procedures.

Specialties and Procedures:

Vienna International Medical Clinic (VIMC) consists of many medical departments at a high standard, managed by professional doctors.
Orthopedic surgery, IVF Fertility center, General surgery, Plastic surgery and Cosmetic surgery, Weight loss surgeries and treatments and Oncology surgery.
VIMC also caters for special treatments such as medical massages, sports medicine, hair removal by laser and beauty treatments. Medical travelers find VIMC a very relaxing, comfortable place for recuperation after surgery. Rooms are modern with excellent facilities.
Upon your arrival, our representative will assist you with registration and hospitalization. VIMC has years of experience with medical tourists and meets the high expectations for a successful experience.

on 10/14/2013
5 / 5 stars
Linda Griffin
I'm a wife of an American Diplomat based in Amman, nine months ago I had a right hemicolectomy surgery (laparascopic) at the Vienna Interntaional clinic, which was an excellent experience for me, I arrived on Sunday to Vienna and Monday morning had the operation, I was given a room with a lovely balcony to take in some fresh air, the place looks so sterile!! Shelley from onlinemedical 'convinced me' to go to VIMC. I'm smiling now because I was hard to be convinced and thought I would have to go to the States for the operation but thanks to Shelley I got it done in no time
U.S Resident based in Amman
on 12/15/2013
5 / 5 stars
Mohammad Hamawi
My boy, Walid is five years old and was diagnosed with perthes disease, he was limping badly and had pain, we tried non surgical treatments but nothing helped, two years ago we were told there's an exellent orthopedic department in Vienna and so we took him there. He had surgery there and we were given a bed to be at his side. Walid is doing great now , every year we send the doctor a thank you note and a photo of Walid.
Qatari citizen residing in London