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Visual Aids Centre

Visual Aids Centre

New Delhi, India   |   Accreditation: none listed 

E-18, South Extension Part Two

New Delhi-110049.

+91-011 26257800 & 26259111



Visual Aids Centre has been in the eye care business for over twenty five years and has all three forms of vision correction under one roof at our state of the art facility at Delhi.

The experience of Visual Aids Center’s optometrists, the thoroughness of our examinations and the personalized care we take with each patient is first rate. Insist on an experienced, quality-conscious team and you can improve your chances of the safest, best possible results.

Visual Aids Centre specializes only in laser eye surgery and features state-of-the-art equipment. In fact, LASIK surgeons from other practices and hospitals utilize our equipment to perform high-quality exams and laser procedure for their patients. Our wavefront LASIK technology, VISX Star S4 laser, and other diagnostic LASIK machinery allow us to be the forerunners in laser eye surgery and to ensure highly accurate, effective procedures.

In addition, our centre has performed more than 15,000 procedures and out of which a considerable percentage was from outside India. No other laser eye surgery center in Delhi has this level of experience. Rest assured that you will be in excellent hands at Visual Aids Centre.

For the Lasik Laser vision correction we have recently upgraded our facility and have installed the latest Visx. Star S4 system for IR Advanced Customvue procedures. Advanced Customvue procedure is the latest FDA approved Lasik technology which gives the patient the potential to see better than spectacles or contact lenses.

For International Patients:

Visual Aids Centre is State of the art Eye Center treating patients with Eye Disorders from through out India, USA, UK , Australia Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, East Africa, and Middle East.

International patients are provided facilities and services that include help with Visa, Airport transfers, Comfortable and select accommodation & interpreter services.

A dedicated international desk ensures that all international patients get the very best of Visual Aids Centre and India. Our travel affiliates combine the treatment with a memorable holiday which they customize according to your travel preferences.

Interpreter services are available and we spare no effort in communicating with you in your language of comfort.

We can also offer free three nights accommodation to our international clients. The rooms are located at walking distance from the clinic and are fully furnished with air conditioning.

About Vipin Buckshey:

As a senior Optometrist & Contact Lens Consultant, Vipin Buckshey is also the Optometrist to Excellency The President of the Republic of India. Vipin Buckshey has had the rare privilege & distinction of serving five successive Presidents of the Republic of India. The Government of India recently gave recognition to his professional services by conferring the most prestigious National Presidential Award of Padmashree to him on the 30th of March 2000.



Laser vision correction is a procedure that improves vision by permanently changing the shape of the cornea (the clear covering of the front of the eye) with a laser. Often referred to as LASIK (an acronym for the medical term laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis), it is the most commonly performed type of laser procedure and an effective treatment for a wide range of vision problems.

IR CustomVue Lasik

This is a custom made laser vision correction procedure designed to correct the unique imperfections of your eyes. Whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted and/or astigmatic, the Advanced CustomVue laser vision correction procedure can help you achieve your personal best possible vision correction.

Other Refractive Options:

Implantable Contact Lenses
For those unsuitable for Laser vision correction, an alternative could be the Artisan / Veriseyes or Implantable contact Lens (ICL) implants.


Vipin Buckshey

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  • Manish Delhi

    I have lost most of my vision after lasik done by Vipin Buckshey & Dr. Anuj Singh in Visual Aids Centre Delhi. I am as good as a blind person with light sensitivity, glare, halos, ghosting and star-bursts. And have been gifted with contrast loss, glares, hypermetropia and dry eye. I was not checked properly before the surgery and lasik itself was a disaster. Other surgeons say that my measurements and procedure was not correct. My cornea has been permanently scarred unevenly what is called higher order aberrations.

  • Puneet Chopra

    If You Do Not Love Your Eyes Or Wish To Turn BLIND, Then GOnLASIK!!!nnYes this is what happened to me and I would like/at leastntry to save who all are reading my review. I wore glasses for more than 20 yrsnuntil the day of Lasik 16 Nov 2012 when I decided to get rid of the spectaclesnand get my C-Lasik done at VAC (Visual Aids Centre, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi). nnOn 4th-5th day of Lasik I developed blurred vision andncomplained my doc, he did not take it seriously and asked me to switch tondifferent set of eye drops. This thing continued for next 2.5 months, he keptnexperimenting different medicines on me but nothing worked. Finally on 26 Febn2013 after taking a new Pentacam (eye test) the doctor at VAC proposed menre-Lasik. Since I did not consult any other doc during my first Lasik surgery,nit was a high time for me and thereafter I went to 4 different doctors for seekingntheir suggestions.nnAll four Cornea specialists from Delhi (including hospitalsnlike Shroff and AIIMS (Rajendra Prasad) diagnosed ‘POST LASIK ECTASIA”ncommonly known as KERATOCONUS and advised me to undergo C3R/CXL surgery.nFinally I undergo the C3R surgery in May, 2013 at AIIMS.nnWhat went wrong in my case?nn1. The Cornea thickness was 485 which was less than thenminimum requirement of 500nn2. There was a Corneal BULGE means inner and outer curvaturenof Cornea were not correctnn3. There might have been some earlier traces ofnKeratoconus/PMD which were not diagnosed by the Visual Aids Centre doctor UmeshnBareja nnThe above 3 conditions could have been easily measured andntaken into consideration by the doctor who operated me for C-Lasik and couldnhave saved my eyes. But things are not that simple when you donu2019t do proper homework/researchnyourself, consult multiple sources and then decide what is right for you. nnI had a very minor refraction -0,75 (R) and -1.50 (L) andntoday the readings are +0.50/-1.50 (R) and -1.75 (L). The new refraction maynnot be able to describe what I am actual going through.nn1. I have complete blurredness without glasses and glassesnjust help me to see but I can’t recognize people until they are really close inndistancenn2. I can’t drive at night, even during day/evening time Incan’t read the signboards until they are real closenn3. I have to sit in the front row/very close to thenprojected screen during meetings and seminars or else I can’t read at allnnThe 4 docs that I visited before getting C3R at AIIMS allnsuggested that the Lasik surgery was not suitable for my eyes and nobody shouldnhave performed that. The doctor Umesh Bareja & Visual Aids Centre ruined mynlike for a very small sum of money that they charged (Rupees 30K actually). Butnis it really a small amount, yes of course for a surgery and an individual itndoes seem a small amount. But do a cumulative sum of people who undergo thisnsurgery at VAC and all other such centres running in Delhi and rest of ourncountry, they are making million and billions out of this surgery and befoolingnpeople like us.nnThe next piece of advice; do consult renowned Govt Hospitalsnif you plan for this particular surgery, if they give you a green signal thennyou can even think of getting it done at a private place. nnThe Final piece of advice, do ask doctors/ophthalmologistsnthe young ones like us/you why they do not consider LASIK for themselves. Inasked the same question while undergoing C3R at AIIMS but did not get a clear/firm/satisfactorynanswer. But I did understand that doctorsndo not consider this surgery good, so think if a Sweet maker is not ready tontaste/eat his sweet, how can he sell it to naive people like us and why are weneven buying it.nnConsider me your friend or a well-wisher, rest is up to younto decide. GOOD LUCK!!!nnPuneet Chopra