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Xanit Hospital International

Xanit Hospital International

Spain   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Camino de Gilabert s/n, 29630

Benalm?dena, M?laga


95 236 71 90



Website in English and Spanish

In Xanit, we take care of you, your family, your quality of life, of our people and our health.


I am glad to welcome you on our International Xanit Hospital corporate web page which will hopefully become an important reference for both specialists and patients. We do believe communication between both of them to be a key asset, so we have prepared for you a useful and easy to use site, very much in accordance with our Science and Technology involved Hospital.


Our ?For you and your family? slogan is our leitmotiv to keep on caring about whole families offering the possibility to visit on line one of the most modern European hospitals.




Our Xanit clinic in Fuengirola
Getting information and appointments with specialists: 952 47 73 10
Mail address: fuengirola@xanit.net



* Laboratory Services
* Anatomy and pathology Service
* Anesthesia and reanimation
* General digestive surgery and gastroenterology
* Maxilofacial Surgery
* Orthopaedic and Traumatology Surgery
* Pediatric surgery
* Plastic Surgery
* Dermatology / Venerology
* Diagnostic Imaging Systems
* Pain Diagnostic and Treatment Unit
* Digestive Unit
* Endocrinology and nutrition
* Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
* Gastroenterology Unit
* Gynecology and obstetric
* Hematology
* Heart Institute INCOR
* Neuroscience Institute
* Oncology Institute
* Hyperbaric Medicine
* Intensive Care Unit
* Internal Medicine
* Nephrology
* Odontology
* Ophtalmology
* Othorrinolaringology
* Pediatric medicine
* Chiropody
* Rheumathology
* Thoracic pathology Unit
* Emergencies
* Urology