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Yeson Voice Center

Yeson Voice Center

Seoul, Korea-South   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Ssangbong-bldg. 2nd floor, 638-13 Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu


Joyce Lee





Website in: English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean

It is estimated that by 2010, about 780,000,000 patients over the world will travel to other countries to seek faster medical service at a lower price.

Yeson Voice Center, equipped with advanced medical skills and cutting-edge examination systems, has organized the International Patient Center to enforce our international treatment capabilities.

Our international patient coordinators can provide you with a wide range of useful services.

The services provided for international patients include:

– Interpretation services in English, Japanese, and Chinese
– Appointment scheduling, including consultations and follow up care
– Medical cost estimating and billing arrangements
– Transportation and accommodation arrangements
– Arrangements for shopping, dining, and sightseeing
– Assistance before, during, and after hospitalization
– Arrangements for direct admission

Through this one-stop service, patients in other countries can receive comfortable and quality medical care as if they were in their own country. Yeson Voice Center promises to offer you the most advanced medical skills of Korea to make a difference in the global medical field.

This hospital is a member of CKMOP:

The council for Korea Medicine Overseas Promotion (CKMOP) is a community established for the purpose of increasing the recognition of Korea?s international medical service level and attracting patients from overseas by doing publicity activities, and promoting the Korea?s advanced technique for medical treatments.


1. Voice feminization surgery
2. Phonoplasty 
3. Phonomicrosurgery 
4. Injection Laryngoplasty
5. Office-based Pulsed Dye Laser laryngeal surgery
6. Laryngeal Botox injection.
7. Voice Rehabilitation Program
8. Voice Restoration Program
9. Voice examination center

The voice rehabilitation program is a systematic and scientific voice restoration program which provides care and treatment for people who depend on their voices to earn the living and have voice difficulties due to vocal abuse or misuse.

The voice rehabilitation program consists three parts:

1) Voice rehabilitation program
2) Voice treatment program
3) Voice improvement program

Voice rehabilitation program performs training and rehabilitation of the voice by evaluating the voice status and the functional status of the larynx using high-tech diagnostic equipment for voice disorders, such as tension control disorder or tension fatigue syndrome, caused by voice abuse or misuse.

It is a program aimed to recover the vocal folds from diseases in the laryngeal muscle or mucous membrane which cause dysphonia, and from inappropriate phonation patterns. The program also treats sudden voice problems caused by excessive use of the voice.

Voice Rehabilitation:

The voice rehabilitation program is applied differently to each individual according to the voice condition, phonation patterns, and the condition of laryngeal function.

The voice rehabilitation program includes the following:

1. CVRP (Complete voice restoration program): An 8-week course voice program to improve the damaged voice and normalize the phonation patterns.

2. Lessac-Madsen Resonance therapy (LMRT): A program that improves the voice through resonance techniques and muscle training of the oropharynx