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Why do people seek other destinations to undergo surgery?

Many people don’t have any medical insurance or their health insurance coverage is not sufficient to cover certain surgeries. These people can have affordable surgeries done overseas without compromising on the quality of the healthcare services. They can save up to 70% in comparison to their country of origin.

Some people like the idea of surgery & sun. Having an operation in an attractive touristic location is a good option for traveling to see a new destination.

Others want to be operated by top-notch surgeons in all fields of medicine and choose the most optimal destination according to their needs.

Some countries have very long queues, sometimes more than a year, why wait to undergo surgery?

How will I choose a hospital, a surgeon and make all the arrangements?

Well, you don’t have to do that, that’s where we come in handy. 

Our medical consultants who are experts in their field of medicine and tourism, find you the best available treatment in the world, taking in account your country of origin, travel arrangements, all with affordable costs. We are committed to come up with the best solution for our medical travelers. We provide you an estimate free of charge.

Should I consult with my doctor before the procedure and involve him in the process?

Many doctors might have doubts regarding having surgery abroad because they are not familiar with the medical institution which we offer and the doctors we work with.

We will provide you and your doctor with all the relevant information you need. The physician’s background and credentials and the hospitals international accreditation.

Once your doctor will see the top class medical institution and the professional attitude, you are sure to get a green light and go ahead with the surgery. 

Why shouldn’t I book directly with the hospital?

In any case you pay the hospital directly. Booking through us gives you the advantage of first class service from the hospital due to our connections with the hospital sending them hundreds of successful medical tourists. After surgery the hospital has no dealings with you, we on the other hand, are there for you until you recover.

Can I book my own hotels and flights?

Of course you can, we can provide you with details regarding flight arrangements and accommodation and if you wish we can book them for you but it’s compulsory. We do have special accommodation and airfare rates because we are in the business. 

Once I arrive to my medical destination, where should I go?

Every medical traveler has an assigned Case Manager who will meet you on the day of arrival and will take care of everything you need. From the day of arrival to the day of departure our Case Manager is with you. You won’t be alone, you’re in good hands!

Can I change my mind after my arrival?

Well, you can always change your mind but if the operating room and the physician are set for you then a minimum fine will have to be paid to the hospital.