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  • J.F.

    i was looking to have non-surgical stem cell and blood platelet treatments for common injuries and degenerative joint disease of the hips. any suggestions?

  • Dr-abu Samah Labak

    please contact DR-ABUSAMAH LABAK i hope you get good ans bcz he very and experience DOCTER

  • Julie Anne Jacinto

    Hi Good day,
    My name is Julie and I am a HND student in Travel and Tourism Management at Bedford College, I am currently working on my research project as part of my course. To complete the course I have chosen to do the area of medical tourism, where I would like to ask a question that will give me a yes or no answer. To help me to complete the research, I would like to know if you can answer my question and provide an explanation to your answer. The question is “Are people in Britain will be safe to travel abroad for medical treatment, despite on free health insurance in the country?
    Looking forward to hear from you thank you.