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Blood disorder treatments

Blood Disorder Treatments

 All the components of our blood may be affected by blood disorders;  red blood cells, white blood cells, the platelets and the plasma. Blood diseases can either  damage blood cells when they are formed in the bone marrow or while they circulate in our body. Blood diseases treatments therefore must respond to a wide spectrum of blood conditions and cancers.

Blood Disorders Treatment – Red blood cells


When you feel out of sorts and look pale, it is highly recommended to have a blood test done, as you may have a low blood cell count. The most common type of anemia is caused by iron-deficiency or genetic mutations of the cells, but there are many other forms of the illness. For these blood diseases treatments involve:

  • Iron pills
  • Hormone injections
  • Vitamin B12Blood-disorder-treatments_Small
  • Blood transfusion
  • Immunosuppressants
  • Bone marrow transplant

 Blood Disorders Treatment – White Blood Cells

White blood cells are responsible for protecting the body from potentially dangerous external and internal threats. In these type of bone diseases treatments also depend on the kind, the origine and the severity of the illness.

Leukemia, cancer of the white blood cells of the bone marrow, is most efficiently treated with chemotherapy and in severe cases by bone marrow transplantation.

Lymphoma, cancer of the white blood cells in the lymphatic system, is commonly fought with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Depending on the type, it can be cured or the life-span of the patient improved.

Multiple myeloma is a non-curable form of blood cancer, but chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant can significantly add to the patient’s life-span.

Blood Disorder Treatments – Platelets

This rank of diseases is caused by either the low or high number of platelets in the blood, the former resulting in bleeding disorders, the latter in abnormal blood clotting. Treatment usually involves the administering of blood thinning medications and blood infusion.

Blood Disorder Treatments – Blood plasma

The most common diseases of the blood plasma are haemophilia and Willebrand disease, both hereditary and manageable with medication. These conditions result in excessive bleeding due to a faulty blood clotting mechanism. 


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