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Aesthetic Surgeries, are they appropriate for everyone?

appropiate cosmetic surgeriesMillions of people undergo cosmetic surgery of all kinds. All those popular cosmetic procedures have crossed all boarders, the desire to change one’s appearance has become ‘contagious’ all over the world.

An important question to ask yourself is why do you want to make a change in your body?

Is it for the right reason?

Maybe you aren’t mentally fit for having these surgeries.  Think carefully why do you want to undergo cosmetic surgery, consult with people you trust and having decided that this is what you actually want, then choose the right plastic surgeon for  you.

So, why are these surgeries not appropriate for everyone?

Let’s rule out patients who have a deformity that needs to be fixed and discuss about people who don’t feel comfortable with their body and want to enhance their self-esteem.

Following is a list of types of people who do not meet the criteria of undergoing these surgeries:

People who have expectations that are not realistic such as restoring their youth and going back in time as if they were in their 20’s.

People that are in the middle of a crisis in their life and think that making a change in their appearance will eventually change their fate for the better. Got a divorce? Lost someone close? Making a change won’t bring what you’ve lost back into your life.

People who are mentally ill aren’t appropriate for these surgery. A mentally ill person might have illusions to what he /she should look like or couldn’t perceive his/ her new look which may cause even a psychosis behavior.

People who wish to look like their favorite celebrity and think that lip augmentation or a nose job will make them look similar or even change their fate for the better.

People who have an unrealistic idea of how a surgery will change their life. These people will be very disappointed to know that change has to come from within. Although appearance is important (no one denies that) but you cannot change other people’s mind to think highly of you, it is you who has to make a change, not only from the outside but also from the inside.

Some people want a very minor change; most surgeons will tell them that it is better not to have surgical intervention at all.

Do not hesitate to consult your GP or your psychologist regarding your plan to undergo these surgeries, you’ll be surprised to know how much knowledge they have and the guidance and support they can give you.