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Childhood obesity

obesity childEverywhere you go you can see overweight children. Children with their bellies sticking out, children who sweat just by climbing the stairs, children who sit all day in front of a screen whether it’s a television, computer or an IPAD and munch and sip sugary juice.

These children have no idea of the devastating health implications they’ll encounter when they grow up and what about their self-image and the social problems they will have to deal with?

As parents we have the responsibility of monitoring what goes into the house and into their mouths. It is our duty to prepare every day meals and not just send them off to the mall to one of the fast food chains. Modern life is hectic and sure it is very tempting to give them a couple of dollars and not take the trouble of preparing a nutritious meal but if you want your kids to lead a healthy life, this is exactly the time to start leading a healthy low fat lifestyle.

The first step is to throw all soft drinks and juices out of the house. Although juice can be healthy it contains a lot of calories. Better off to eat an orange than to drink orange juice. Your kids will probably complain but there is nothing like drinking water. You’ll see that in no time they’ll get used to it. You’d be surprised how adjustable they can be. Kids and adults develop an addiction to these sugary soft drinks and can definitely do without it.

No eating in front of the television. I know this is a hard one, especially if the parents aren’t at home but research shows that when eating in front of a screen, one eats 50% more than eating at a table.

Your kids are not doing any afternoon physical activity? Find out which sport they like and where the nearest country club is. If it’s too expensive or your child doesn’t like any sport, do not give up, take them three times a week for a stroll in the park, yep, with Ma, believe me it’s also good for their mental health, not just for their physical health. An hour’s walk three times a week can make wonders to your health and theirs.

Your children don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, that’s because the latter aren’t attractive. Any food can be appealing if you make it appealing. Slice the vegetables up and arrange them according to colors, sizes and shapes. Prepare a colorful fruit salad or steam up some vegetables and add additional flavors like soup powder, garlic or salt & pepper. Your kids have friends over? Organize a big plate of sliced fruit, I can assure you that nothing will remain on the plate. Munchies are out, vegetables are in!

Refrain from frying food. If you add source to meat and chicken, bake it in the oven, it will turn out tasty, without having all the fatty oil in the frying process. You can roast or steam food as well, deep fry is out!

Your kids don’t want to give up burgers and pizza? No problem, prepare those at home. Burgers can be done in the oven add to that a whole grain bun and low fat sources. Pizza dough can be done with whole wheat flour or by a whole grain crust (available at supermarkets) and low fat cheese. Low fat cookies can be baked at home, make it an afternoon activity.

All these changes won’t happen within a week, it’s a process which will bound to occur within a month or two. Don’t make changes drastically because your kids will object. Make these changes smoothly, step by step. You as a parent will save your children’s life by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Recent research shows that obesity in children has doubled in Western Countries over the last ten years. Health problems associated with obesity are diabetics, fatty liver, cardiac diseases, difficulties in sleeping, orthopedic disorders and social problems.

Percentage of Obese Children in U.S.A in 2012

Alabama 35%
New York 29%
South California 39%
Montana 33%
Texas 37%
Colorado 23%
Connecticut 29%
Delaware 32%
North Dakota 35%
Florida 27%
Georgia 35%
Hawaii 27%
Tennessee 34%
Washington 27%