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Diabetes – A Global Gloomy Prediction & Ways to Control It

Diabetes PatientMillions of people suffer from Diabetes which has become a worldwide epidemic. The number of people with diabetes type two is increasing rapidly.

In the past, diabetes was usually related to heredity but the growth of diabetes type two in the world derives not only from heredity reasons;

A number of factors explain the growth in the incidence of diabetes; our modern lifestyle and all its implications such as unhealthy food; cheap and handy, fat and sugary food from an early age.  As a result of the unhealthiness way of life, the tendency to eat junk food increased obesity among children and adults which has emerged diabetes disease.

Life expectancy has grown resulting in aged population who are more prone to illnesses which includes diabetes as well.

People’s health problems are caused by their sedentary lifestyles.  They tend to lead a lifestyle which doesn’t include any exercise. They simply don’t move most of the day. Every errand, whether it’s at the workplace or at home is done through e-mails, phones, computers or by car. People don’t consider going to the grocery store by foot anymore or climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Diabetes is a lifestyle epidemic in developed countries and developing nations. The International Diabetes Foundation estimates a disturbing growth in diabetes around the whole world. These worrying estimations predict an increase of the epidemic of approx. 40% in the next twenty years.

Diabetes is a burden on the healthcare systems as well; healthcare systems in the world spend a fortune on diagnosis to treatment costs.

Millions of people around the world haven’t been diagnosed yet for diabetes hence the figures of diabetes epidemic is not accurate.

The complications caused by diabetes are heart diseases, kidney diseases, neuropathy and eye complications.

Diabetes can be preventable if diagnosed on time. You can definitely control the disease by changing your life-style; watch what goes into your mouth and start getting fit.

Once diagnosed as type two diabetes, there is no reason to put up with the horrific results of your blood test, you can actually make a change for the better not only by taking medication but by monitoring your lifestyle from now on. The change has to occur quickly.

Usually people who are diagnosed with diabetes are sent to a dietician to be given a strict diet. The following guidelines will give you a general layout of the actions one has to take before a specific diet plan, aside from the dietician’s plan; general guidelines in which every person has to adhere to in the   modern, hectic life we live in.

The purpose of these guidelines is to lose weight which will eventually decrease the sugar in your blood.

Changes regarding your eating habits:

  • Drink a lot of water before each meal, it makes you feel less hungry.
  • Reduce portion sizes. Whenever you plan to eat, put half the portion which you’re used to, on the plate.
  • Eat slowly. It takes time for your stomach to send signals to your brain that you’re full. Take twenty to thirty minutes for each meal.
  • Eat slim turkey, meat and chicken, enough of the fatty parts.
  • Refrain from any juices or diet sodas.
  • Snacks will be fruits from now on. Beware of eating too much fruit, they contain sugar as well.
  • If you have a sudden urge of eating chocolate or snacks, always keep nuts in your bag.
  • Keep a record of what you eat every day and make a follow up if needed of any change of menu and /or eating habits.
  • Fancy a dessert?  Fruit salad is the choice for you, cakes are out of the question.

As for keeping fit, you don’t have to go to the gym in order to stay fit.

  • Start walking to any destination that you usually take the car to.
  • Go to the store, to your local hairdresser or to work if it’s a couple of kilometers away.
  • If it’s not close enough then go for walks in the park or put music on and dance in the living room.
  • You can work out with a video on aerobics at home or start riding your bikes. Find a sport which is suitable for you.

Managing your diabetes is definitely a challenge. Think before you eat, get active, create a weekly health plan and follow up and you’ll see a change!