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Cataract Surgery Cost

Cataract Surgery Options Home and Abroad

 One of the adverse signs of ageing is vision impairment, due to the development of a cataract. The first symptoms are the perception of strong glare from lights and blurred vision in low light, but if it turns severe, it might even cause vision loss. Cataract is sensed as a cloud that settles on the eye lens and distorts clear vision. 

Fortunately by today cataract surgery has become a routine intervention with 90% success rate in significantly improving vision. It is regarded as a safe, low-risk procedure. Also, cataract surgery costs have improved a lot over the past years.

Who Is Cataract Surgery Recommended To?

  • Patients suffering from cataract which interferes in normal daily activities.
  • Patients with serious vision impairment. 
  • Patients who need treatment for various degenerative eye diseases and cataract impedes it. 

What Happens During Cataract Surgery?

  • It is an outpatient one-hour long treatment under local anesthesia and sedative. 
  • At the beginning you will get some drops to dilate your pupils. 
  • The eye surgeon removes opaque lenses and replaces it with clear synthetic lenses. The implant is called intraocular lens and is usually made of acrylic, plastic or silicone. It will not cause any discomfort, soon it will turn into a natural part of your eyes. 


What Are The Most Common Cataract Surgery Methods?

  • Extracapsular Cataract Extraction

An incision is made and the front capsule of the lens is removed along with the part of the lens that is clouded by the cataract. The artificial lens is implanted on the back capsule and the incision is closed by stitches. This method is usually applied for rigid intraocular lens implants. 

  • Phacoemulsification

The ophthalmologist will use a fine vibrating needle to transmit ultrasound waves to emulsify the cataract and then remove its fragments by vacuum. 

The incision made in the cornea is considerably smaller than in the former method and usually more flexible artificial lenses can be implanted, as it is possible to fold and insert them through the tiny cut.

  • Laser Cataract Surgery

Before the cataract surgery infrared-like light is conducted into the eye by femtosecond laser to soften cataract before the vacuum removal of its pieces. With this method the risk of eye damage is significantly lower than with ultrasound cataract removal. There is less swelling and inflammation and faster recovery. In the U.S. this method is not as widely used as phacoemulsification.

The incision can also be made with laser, which will make it more precise and standardized for the implant, reducing the risk of a displaced lens.

This method considerably increases cataract surgery cost compared to other options.

Cataract Surgery Abroad

Over 1.5 million cataract surgeries are registered in the U.S alone, but the costs of the femtosecond laser cataract surgery are relatively high, around $4500 as compared to the $3500 Phacoemulsification cataract surgery costs. These numbers might improve with time, the increased demand and national competition, however, in the present state of affairs cataract surgery abroad might be worth considering.

Usually a cataract surgery is not an urgent procedure, your eyes will not get hurt if you take your time and check several options. Long waiting lists and costly hospital bills await average patients in the U.S. and U.K so going overseas to combine the surgery with a memorable holiday is always an option. France, Turkey and the Czech Republic offers top notch medical facilities for cataract, and a variety of other eyes surgeries. 

cataract surgery abroad

By Yifat Manor