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Orthopedic Surgeries abroad

Orthopedic Surgeries abroad - Find Doctors, Specialists and more…

Suffering a severe muscular-skeletal injury or developing a deformity often makes surgical intervention unavoidable. Given such a condition what you will badly need is a well-qualified, reliable orthopedic doctor.

Orthopedic (also spelled as Orthopaedic) surgery is the field of medicine that focuses on musculoskeletal injuries and degenerative diseases of the spine and bones or treats musculoskeletal birth defects in children.


It is a highly specialized branch of medicine, do not think that a general practitioner is able to address your problem just because it is not a directly life threatening one. Orthopedic specialists in most of the countries undergo at least a five-year long specialized training and practice to become certified practitioners. Health problems deriving from sedentary lifestyle and obesity create a great demand for orthopedic surgeons, who have to meet the demands of a highly competitive industry.

The work of orthopedic doctors is often complemented or supported by plastic surgeons or neurosurgeons.

Within orthopedic surgery naturally there are further sub-specializations such as hand or ankle surgery, orthopedic implants or sports medicine, but in general it should be noted that orthopedic treatments is quite time consuming. Patients who seek orthopedic surgery abroad should keep in mind that therapies and the recovery period of orthopedic surgery can be quite lengthy, even in case of minimally-invasive sports injuries.

How To Choose the Best Orthopedics Services?

  • Search for accredited institutions and certified orthopedic doctors with years of experience behind, who are skilled in the latest diagnostics and prefer less non-invasive or minimally-invasive methods.
  • Try to opt for orthopedic surgeons who view their trade with an interdisciplinary approach.
  • If you have problems with your hip, look for a hip specialist! Always turn to a corresponding specialist at home or abroad alike.
  • Try to gain first-hand experience from ex-patients; they can be a reliable source of information if you wish to go beyond the doctor’s certificate and official recommendations. It is essential that your specialist have a compassionate and humane attitude towards his patients.
  • If you are a medical tourist in need of and orthopedic surgery abroad, make sure to have a specialist who is multilingual and you can have a common channel of efficient communication. There is nothing more frustrating when you cannot put your expectations or uncertainties through.
  • If you travel abroad make your expectations concerning accommodations, follow-up treatments crystal clear.


Why Seek Orthopedic Surgery Abroad?

  • In developed countries the costs of orthopedic surgery and quality orthopedic implants can be astronomical so it is worth considering specialized clinics abroad if our condition is not so acute or serious that we are unable to move.
  • Many medical travelers complain that long waiting lists make it impossible to have the therapy done locally because of the unbearable pain or limitations their health conditions induce.
  • If you match your treatment with a vacation by a lakeshore, seaside or wellness spa, you can make sure that you will spend the recommended recovery time in a relaxing and stress free environment.
  • Improving technologies offer less and less invasive methods, maybe local doctors take their time to catch up with the latest innovations or approving new practices might be slower in one country than in another. Why limit your scope of choices or wait long month for the right treatment? Select the best and most up-to-date orthopedic doctors around the globe.

If the above arguments have managed to convince you, please do not forget the following considerations before you take action and start looking for orthopedic specialists abroad.

Recovery time both in case of survival and non-surgical interventions may vary from a few days to several months. So before everything, get informed of the time you will need for the treatment. Without doing so a realistic calculation of cost implications is hardly possible.

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