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Tenosynovitis tendonitis treatments

Tendonitis and Tensynovitis Treatments

 Tendons are enduring tissues that connect our muscles to the bones and make their smooth movement possible. The covering layer or sheath of the tendons is called synovium. Between the tendon and the synovium there is a lubricant liquid which help tendon work.

Tendon injuries most often occur because of overuse of certain parts due to repetitive movement, or a traumatic impact while doing strenuous activity. Tensynovitis and tendonitis are the most common tendon injuries that may occur separately or together. Tendonitis refers to the inflammation of the tendon, usually due to acute injuries. Tensynovitis is the inflammation of the synovium, the covering layer of the tendon. Tendons found in the limbs are obviously more prone to injury and strain than others.Tenosynovitis-tendonitis-treatments_Small

Medical tenosyvitis and tendonitis treatments are not always necessary; in most cases resting and sparing the sore part proves to be enough.

Standard medical tensynovitis and tendonitis treatments mostly involve medical pain relief, steroid therapy and physical therapy.

What are the Symptoms of Tensynovitis and Tendonitis?

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness, sensitivity of the area
  • Limited range of motion
  • Weakness

Tendonitis and Tensynovitis Treatments

  • Immobilization, resting and icing are common ways to treat these inflammatory tendon conditions at home. You can use bandages or splints to prevent the sore tendon from moving, whereas ice may help to relieve the pain and swelling. As tendonitis and tensynovitis often derive from overuse, resting is essential for healing.
  • Pain medication such as paracetamol and iburofen may help reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Overt-the-counter and prescription anti-inflammatory topical agents are also a great option for instant pain relief.
  • If the tendon inflammation is caused by an infection, antibiotics solve the problem within no time.
  • Steroid injections are a drastic, but highly efficient option among tendonitis and tensynovitis treatments. The best is to target the area directly with the injection, which may be repeated for optimal results.
  • If the above mentioned tensynovitis and tendonitis treatments do not bring improvement, surgery and physiotherapy must be considered for permanent results.