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Otolaryngology – ENT

Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (ENT) and Medical Tourism

In the U.S. an ever increasing number of patients are traveling abroad, looking for available quality treatments and accessible health bills. Healthcare institutions estimated that 700,000 Americans traveled outside the country to have medical treatments in 2007, and concluded that this emerging industry would grow by almost 20% every year.


The highest volumes of treatments sought abroad are outpatient procedures, like dental, cosmetic and orthopedic, not big-ticket ones such as hip replacements or open-heart surgeries.

Otolaryngology and ENT Surgeon

ENT has a special place in the industry according to the numbers, because similarly to other short-stay outpatient procedures, ENT expenses are at least 30% lower than that of the U.S.-based products.

Otolaryngology is also known as “Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery” or simply ENT. It refers to the branch of medicine and surgery specialized in diagnosis and treatment of diseases that pertain mostly to the ear, nose, and throat.

Physicians and surgeons specialized in ENT are called otolaryngologists or Head and Neck Surgeons. Some of the treatments an ENT Surgeon might treat are:

ENT Specialists In-Land

Despite the lower costs of treatments abroad, less than 10% of the medical tourism business involves otolaryngology procedures. The most common ENT procedures patients tend to look for abroad are septoplasty, laryngectomy, sinus surgery and sleep apnea treatment.

When it comes to ENT, patients enlist for medical treatments abroad because ENT doctors domestically do not give the treatment the way patients want or because they are not able to solve the problem. There are countless examples in the U.S. of patients who claim that doctors were not able to reduce pain or the irritation that followed a septoplasty, for instance. When the patient went to Singapore, where the ENT Specialists removed the bony chips around the nerves, the condition was solved.

American ENT doctors are all over the map. When the time comes to medical tourism, patients who have had procedures performed abroad might encounter two opposing medical attitudes. The ones who reject follow-up care because patients did not visit them before going overseas, and the ones who understand the trend, who compel with patients and help them providing records for doctors abroad, establish pre- and post-operation care, and are happy to help.


ENT Doctors, Follow-Up Care and Medical Tourism

It is easy to understand why medical travel is becoming more and more popular: simply put, some facilities abroad resemble five-star resorts. One can find plenty of ENT treatment locations in a natural, peaceful and utterly relaxing environment.

Besides providing world standard medical care, when the time comes to recover from the procedure, abroad ENT locations would send a masseur to rub your shoulders while lying by the pool in bathing suit. And this is an international trend hospitals abroad are focusing on. Your treatment is private and special: you have your own room, a private suit with all the amenities.

But still, the most jaw-dropping of all are the prices, naturally. Most of the time, this full-package of treatment and a luxury holiday are an average 50% less than any other ENT doctor in the United States or in the U.K.

In 2014, it’s a mistake to ignore overseas medical care. Organized medicine needs to involve and take into consideration medical tourism with much more attention. It’s happening all over the world and it is a matter of participating or not in the global trend.




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