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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Is In Ever Growing Demand

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It is rather common in everyday conversations to use the terms “plastic surgery” and “cosmetic surgery” as synonyms, nevertheless the two concepts do not perfectly overlap in meaning. Plastic surgery is a much broader category which involves medical intervention to restore or correct body form and function, either to preserve health or for aesthetic reasons.

After the World Wars, with millions of injured veterans available to exercise reconstructive surgical skills, the world witnessed a boom in new plastic surgery techniques; ever since plastic surgery has been giving hope, self-esteem and dignity to millions. The U.S.A. alone counts with an annual 12-13 million cosmetic surgery procedures, not to mention other corrective interventions.

Restorative Or Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

It is focused on the reconstruction of severely injured, disfigured or burnt body parts (e.g.: skin grafting, scar removal), correct tissues and forms damaged by tumors (e.g.: breast reconstruction following a mastectomy).

It also deals with improving functions and looks in case of birth defects (e.g.: cleft palate and lips).

The final aim is to approximate looks to normal appearance and health, therefore these procedures are usually covered by health insurance policies.

It has various subspecialties, such as:

  • Microsurgery (to transfer tissues and reconnect veins and arteries)
  • Hand surgery
  • Sex-reassignment surgery
  • Treating burns
  • Pediatric (treating birth defects, hand deformities, cleft lip)
  • Cranofacial

Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgeries are completely elective and pre-scheduled procedures with all the costs covered by the patient. Responsible doctors claim that although it can improve your looks on parts of the body, all potential subjects should know that on the long run it does not improve life or mental health.

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How To Select Plastic Surgeons?

  • Choose a doctor who has at least 5 years of surgical training and 2 years special training in plastic surgery.
  • A good surgeon should have experience in all techniques, both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. A medical board certification is also a guarantee of expertise and qualification.
  • Pick plastic surgeons that have a place in an accredited hospital or clinic and are related to a recognized hospital for back-up tests.
  • Plastic surgery prices vary considerably, so it is wise to compare, but do not go for cheap offers or two-in-one promotions. Quality medical care and plastic surgery materials are high cost. You might risk your health and appearance

What Is The Protocol In Plastic – Cosmetic Surgeries?

  • Set yourself a realistic goal.
  • The surgeon will provide you with samples of the expected results, before and after images. They will also inform you about the procedure and the potential complications. It is your time to ask questions about the operation and your surgeon.
  • You will be asked to sign a written consent and a contract containing the price and the payment conditions.
  • Normally plastic surgery prices are to be paid before the operation.
  • A plastic surgery always requires general or topical anesthesia and sometimes follow-up medication. So before the operation several diagnostic tests are required and the doctors should ask for your full medical history and your lifestyle. Be honest, do not keep anything back.
  • Before and after the surgery you will have to observe some instructions:
    • stop smoking
    • suspend certain type of medication
    • dietary restrictions
    • avoiding sun exposure
    • how to clean the affected areapost-medication to relieve pain or to avoid infection

  • You are suggested to agree on regular follow-up examinations and yearly checkup sessions.

Plastic Surgeries Abroad

Cosmetic surgery enjoys growing popularity because of the variety of procedures, relative safety and inspiring results it offers.

Over the past decade cosmetic surgery tourism has become one of the most dynamically growing sectors, with millions heading to China, Thailand, Colombia, India or Costa Rica to combine a low-cost cosmetic surgery with an exotic dream holiday. Excellent doctors abound everywhere and there are more and more internationally accredited facilities patients can rely on.

Have Safe Treatments Abroad

  • Verify the surgeon‘s qualifications and certification.
  • Make sure the hospital is accredited.
  • Discuss follow-up care and complication handling with the doctor abroad and talk to a local doctor just in case.
  • Choose a vacation that offers a relaxing environment and do not forget to avoid exposure to the sun.

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