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Butt Lift Surgery

Butt Lift Surgery – The Procedure and Conditions Abroad

 As we get older, a natural consequence of the lack of strength and vitality is a sagging, dehydrated skin and loosened tissues. Some other factors that contribute to the degradation of the elasticity of the skin are:

  • Sun damage
  • Fluctuations in weight
  • Genetic factors

Butt lift surgery is recommended if the patient:

  • has lost weight in significant quantitiesButt-Lift-Surgery_Small
  • is persistently overweight after dietary changes and physical exercise
  • longs for dramatic improvement in the appearance
  • suffers from lack of skin contraction after liposuction

Butt lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed as a part of lower body lift that contours and removes excess skin and fat from the following body parts:

  • Buttocks
  • Groin
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen

Butt lift surgery, also called gluteoplasty, is typically performed along with some other contouring surgical procedures and aims to improve the appearance of the buttocks and boost the patient’s body image. The procedure both refers to buttock augmentation and buttock repair, including the surgical emplacement of a buttock prosthesis or gluteal implant, liposculpture and body contouring.

Some individuals are not recommended to get a butt lift surgery. The best butt lift surgeon will talk the patient out of it if:

  • The patient suffers from severe chronic conditions like diabetes or heart diseases
  • If the patient has an unstable mental condition
  • If the patient is planning to lose weight
  • If the patient smokes

Some common risks of butt lift surgery are:

  • Changes in the skin sensation – due to repositioning of tissues which affect sensory nerves
  • Scarring
  • Poor healing
  • Seroma or fluid accumulation
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia

Butt Lift Surgery Procedure

First, the plastic surgeon will review the patient’s medical history and ask questions about past and current medical conditions, medications and surgeries performed. It is also expected that the surgeon will ask you about diet, and weight gain and loss patterns. This is the time when you should discuss your expectations and the reasons why you feel butt lift surgery a necessity.

Physical exams are performed in order to determine treatment options.

Buttocks and skin texture are examined.

Blood and other necessary lab tests are taken.

In order to be eligible for the surgery, you must:

  • Stop smoking – now that it decreases blood flow and slows healing process.
  • Avoid medications – like anti-inflammatory and herbal supplements
  • Maintain the current weight – at least for three months before the procedure
  • Take medication – like anti-coagulants
  • Arrange help for the recovery period

But lift surgery is performed in a surgical outpatient facility, under general anesthesia, and takes typically from two to three hours. Before the procedure catheter is placed to collect urines and the legs are placed in sequential compression boots – devices to prevent blood clothing.

During the butt lift surgery procedure, the surgeon cuts underneath the buttock area where scars won’t be noticeable. To improve lower body’s overall look, the procedure may be performed combined with liposuction. A first incision is made along the lower back to extract the excess skin and lift the buttocks. Extra skin and fat are removed. After the procedure the patients feel moderate pain, initially controlled by pain medication.

A supportive garment has to be used for four weeks to prevent fluid buildup and swelling. For scar management silicone sheeting is needed along with creams and massages. 

Butt Lift Surgery Abroad

Some medical tourism destinations are famous for butt lift surgery, especially in the Latin American region. In  Brazil and Colombia not only will you  find great combo-surgeries like arms, abdomen, waist, back, thighs, and flank lipo, but also the best butt lift surgeons.

Butt lift surgery cost is a fragment of the price in first-world countries. Some cosmetic surgery facilities in Brazil offer the whole set of procedures for around US $3,000.