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Laser Hair Removal Abroad

Laser Hair Removal Abroad

Permanent hair removal techniques are available all around the globe, but costs can differ enormously from country to country. Having a low-cost laser hair removal abroad while on holiday is an increasing trend in developed countries as more and more clients realize that in our globalised world the very same technology and methods are offered everywhere with huge differences in pricing.

Many clients seek plastic surgery services beyond the borders and combine medical and cosmetic treatments with a relaxing holiday, spending only a fraction of the money they would leave at a domestic American or British clinic.

Who Is It Recommended To?

  • Who wants to get rid of unwanted hair permanently from legs, armpits or bikini line.
  • Clients who have fair skin and darker hair can expect better results.
  • For sportsmen, dancers it is an ideal solution to ensure hygiene and well-kept appearance at all time.

Laser Hair Removal Abroad

Before the journey, take your time to get informed about the facility and doctor’s certificate and compare laser hair removal prices in potential destinations. Make sure to choose an internationally accredited clinic where plastic surgeons or dermatologists can supervise the laser hair removal treatment.

Make sure the doctor or the nurse speak English to be able to discuss your concerns and expectations.

Laser hair removal cost must be fully covered by the client everywhere, but when you have laser hair removal abroad, count on additional expenses such as the trip, accommodation and travel insurance. Be careful with price lists available on foreign clinic websites as they do not always contain all the treatment related costs.

Laser hair removal abroad can be the part of an unforgettable holiday, but our suggestion is to program the treatment in a season when you can avoid direct sun exposure, because it may increase the risk of skin lightening, skin irritation, blisters and scars.

In order to achieve perfect results, laser hair removal treatment must be repeated several times. Get informed before you plan the trip and make sure you can complete the cycle during the holiday or have a domestic option at hand to finish the treatment.

How Is Laser Hair Removal Surgery Performed?

It can be regarded as a non-invasive surgery as the laser penetrates tissues and alters its condition. The treatment implies only minor discomfort, but for your convenience you will be given topical anesthetics, cooling gel and protective glasses to avoid eye injury. The length of the treatment depends on the size of the area under treatment.

The practitioner targets the hair follicles one by one with the laser beam to damage them and thus hinder hair growth.  After the procedure your skin will likely to be irritated and swollen, but it usually lasts no longer than a few hours.

Laser Hair Removal Cost

No matter if you are planning to have the treatment at home, or you opt for laser hair removal abroad, you may easily get confused by the variety of offers and prices available on the market. Final costs are best established after a direct consultation with the practitioner as prices vary with the size of the treated area and the number of sessions your skin necessitates.

In the U.S. one session costs an average 200-250 USD, which numbers abroad can be 70-80% less. So next time you are planning a holiday abroad do not forget to check out the offers of foreign clinics. You may kill two birds with one stone.