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Lipectomy is a class of plastic procedures that offers a one-off or an in-stages surgical removal of subcutaneous fatty tissues. There are several variations and combinations available but all lipectomy procedures aim to reshape, lift and contour the targeted area. Many people lose plenty of weight but still feel fat because of the excess skin and stubborn fat deposits around their belly, butt and thighs. Traditional lipectomy or suction lipectomy offers a solution for this frequent concern and a chance for millions to achieve dramatic transformation and improved body image.

Liposuction and traditional lipectomy are not to be confused:

Liposuction/Suction Lipectomy


Minimally   invasive, done through a tiny hole

More invasive, larger   incision is made

Uses cannulas   and negative pressure to suction out excess fat.

Excises fat and   excess skin through an incision with surgical instruments

Cannot be   performed in sensitive areas such as the face

Can be applied   in any part of the body

Short recovery   time 1-2 weeks, implies bruising and pain

Somewhat longer   recovery (2-4 weeks), implies bruising and pain

Who Is Lipectomy and Suction Lipectomy Recommended To?

  • People who have lost a lot of weigh and their skin is sagging.
  • Patients after bariatric surgery
  • Have back rolls, protruding buttocks in extreme vertical position
  • Waist and hips have no contrast
  • Patients who want to enjoy a more active, healthier lifestyle and are determined to take life-changing measures
  • Patients who are in good general health and ready to keep a stable weight after the procedure

Types of Lipectomy

  • Belt lipectomy (aka central body lift or circumferential lipectomy)
  • Abdominal lipectomy
  • Buccal lipectomy (cheek fat pad removal)
  • Suction lipectomy

Belt Lipectomy

It is the surgical removal of the excess fat and skin from your back, buttocks, abdomen, thighs and waist. As belt lipectomy involves re-sculpturing multiple areas, several incisions are necessary to tailor your skin for a flatter and tighter appearance. The well-positioned incisions are made around the abdomen and lower back (below the bikini line), so the scars you will be able to cover with underwear. If necessary, thighs and the pubic area are also reshaped to further improve figure.  If you have a lot of undesired fat, a suction lipectomy may also be conducted.

Abdominal Lipectomy

Abdominal lipectomy can be done as a part of the belt lipectomy or as a separate cosmetic procedure for patients who have excess, stretched tissue mostly around the lower abdomen because of pregnancy or weight loss. The excess tissue is removed from the lower belly, the navel is cut around to keep its position and then the upper cut ending is stitched to the lower cut at the pubic area creating a firmer abdomen and somewhat slimmer waistline.

Buccal Lipectomy

When fat pads are formed in the lower part of the face, patients may opt for lipectomy to get rid of the full-looking, chubby, undefined cheek that lacks contour. The incision is made in the inside of the month, so there is no visible scarring. Doctors generally do not recommend the surgery at a young age, because of the natural reducing of buccal pads with aging.

Suction Lipectomy

Suction Lipectomy or liposuction can be performed basically everywhere in the body except for the face. Usually the excess fat is suctioned out through a hollow tube by an aspirator (vacuum device). There are various techniques to burst the fat cells, traditional physical bursting, furthermore  ultrasound, water or laser assisted liposuction.




Length of the surgery

Total recovery time


Belt Lipectomy


5-7 hours

6 weeks


Abdominal    Lipectomy

General/Intravenous   sedation

2 hours

6 weeks


Buccal Lipectomy


60 minutes

1 weeks


Suction Lipectomy

General,   regional or local

1-2   hours

2   weeks