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Tattoo Removal Surgery

Tattoo Removal Surgery

 A tattoo may make you feel that you stand out in the crowd, but as times and circumstances change, it may turn into a real stigma that gives you thousands of reasons for embarrassment. Fortunately, today you are not doomed to live with an unwanted tattoo till the end of times: several surgical and non-surgical options are offered to get rid of this relic of a past whim.

Tattoo removal surgery is one of the most efficient way to clean your skin from small tattoos.

Traditional Tattoo Removal Surgery

In traditional tattoo removal surgery the dermatologist or plastic surgeon uses the good old scalpel to cut out the inky surface and closes the incision with stitches. If you properly follow the doctor’s instructions for wound care, scarring will be minimal. If the tattoo is more prominent, sometimes skin grafts are used to make up for the removed skin surface. It tattoo-removal-surgery_Smallcan be done under local anesthesia, as the intervention is short (30 minutes) and affects only a small area. Obviously, extended tattoos cannot be excised without causing permanent tissue damage.

Laser Tattoo Removal Surgery

Laser tattoo removal surgery has recently gained much popularity due to its non-invasive nature and low complication rates. In the procedure high-intensity laser beams are targeted at the pigment to be removed (there are several types of laser used for different pigmentation). It causes minimal scarring and damage to surrounding tissue, but you will need repeated sessions for satisfactory results. In the past years, there have been great advances in laser technology, which has reduced the number of necessary treatments.

General Risks of Tattoo Removal Surgery

  • Infections
  • Scarring
  • Discoloration

How Much Does a Tattoo Removal Surgery Cost?

As tattoo removal surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed for your own satisfaction, there is hardly any chance for insurance coverage. The price may vary with location, medical facility and the technique used (whether there is skin graft involved, in case of laser techniques, the number of visits and the color of the pigment).

  • Traditional Tattoo Removal Surgery: $600-$800
  • Laser Tattoo Removal Surgery: $100-$250 per session (around 6-8 sessions are required). In case of more extended, multicolored tattoos, the costs can go up to $500 per session.