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Rehab as a complex medical procedure and modern options

It is a very special branch of medical sciences due to the fact that patients’ mindfulness, along with their cooperation and motivation is the key factor in the long-term success of rehabilitation.


1. After certain diseases or traumas of the nervous system, patients receive a therapy devised by clinical neuropsychologists to recover their lost or diminished neurocognitive functions. During a variety of treatments they address problems like attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder, spinal cord injury, strokes and concussion. What methods are used in rehab centers to regenerate nerves and reconstruct neural connections?

  1. Coordination exercises
  2. Speech therapies
  3. Elaborately designed cognitive exercises to improve attention, memory and planning functions

2. As a consequence of musculoskeletal injuries or as a follow-up treatment of orthopedic deformity surgeries people also need a period of stabilization.

3. As a result of severe mental illnesses a psychiatric rehabilitation is required to restore mental health and prepare patie
nts for everyday life. This form of rehabilitation is commonly referred to as psych rehab and it aims to reintegrate into society patients suffering from a mental disorder. It involves a huge scale of specialists from psychiatrists and psychologists to social workers. It is a very comprehensive area of rehabilitation as besides psychiatric it also involves social, financial, legal and housing aspects.

4. Rehabilitation is recommended for patients treated with addictions (also known simply as rehab); predominantly psychotherapeutic and medical treatment to help fight addiction on and abuse of psychoactive substances. These kinds of rehab centers try to protect patients from the former social context and provide a drug free, but inspiring and tolerant environment. Drug rehabilitation can happen with an in-patient or out-patient treatment plan and they also count with gender- and age-specific solutions.

 Addiction recovery is just  as much a complex procedure as in case of mental disorders involving pharmacotherapy, criminal justice, long-term counselling support and relapse prevention and psychoanalysis.



What Should We Expect From a Good Rehabilitation Center?

The rehabilitation industry is largely made up of independent private institutions. There are also many rehabilitation centers that are part of an acute care hospitals usually as well separated units.

High level professional therapies (Speech therapy, physical therapy), intensive hands-on treatments are basic services of rehab centers.

Are you Considering Rehab Abroad?

  • Voluntary rehabilitation can be and embarrassing and painful procedure for both the patient and the family members.
  • If you wish to avoid pitying looks and awkward explanations maybe rehab abroad is the best option.
  • In a new environment you can have a clear break from everyday stress, family pressure and get a fresh perspective of your life.
  • Rehab clinics abroad can be less costly than local institutions and combined with a vacation you can return back home as a new person.
  • You can expect full discretion from a private institution.
  • During your treatment vacation you will feel it as a reward for your efforts and it will serve as a positive reaffirmation that you are on the right track. 

Rehabilitation related procedures abroad