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Drug Alcohol Rehab

Drug Rehabilitation

 Dependence on substances such as alcohol and drugs may have devastating consequences on the life of the individual and as such indirectly on the family and society. Drug rehabilitation, commonly referred to as simply drug rehab or alcohol rehab, is a medical and psychological treatment to help these individuals and their families overcome the substance dependence and make reintegration and independence of the patient possible. Drug rehab rarely remains a merely medical issue, it also implies serious financial, legal and social problems to be tackled.

The best addiction treatments available are offered by specialized drug and alcohol rehab centers which have a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach on dependence management.Drug-rehab_Small

Both drug rehab and alcohol rehab must be a highly personalized treatment with services always including detoxification, rehabilitation and counseling.

Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Options

Rehab therapies usually begin with detoxification, then continue with physical and mental rehabilitation and finish with the ongoing continuum of counseling and relapse prevention.
Medication is mainly used to ease withdrawal symptoms and treat damaged brain functions in the initial stages of drug rehabilitation.

When through detoxification and withdrawal symptom reduction, the body is physically detached from the substances, drug and alcohol rehab behavioral therapy targets to improve patients’ attitude towards their substance abuse and their life free of cravings and antisocial behavior. It consists of various methods depending on the age group and type of addiction:

  • Cognitive therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Community therapy

Drug Rehab Abroad

There are various programs for drug and alcohol rehab abroad available for patients who whish to spend their recovery time away from the pressures and stress of their home environment:

  • Residential treatment is an option for severely dependent patients to spend between 1-3 months in a drug rehab facility and receive constant and intensive comprehensive care.
  • Drug rehab abroad can happen with partial hospitalization, which involves spending 4-6 hours in hospital daily, but otherwise live with the family in a healing and relaxing environment abroad.
  • Another feasible method of drug and alcohol rehab abroad is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), in which patients receive intensive mental care and relapse control usually three days a week. This option is recommended for more independent patients who still need institutionalized support to keep up with their addiction free lives.