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Youngman Industry Report

Ian Youngman Industry Reports

A specialist writer/ researcher and publisher of business reports and books, Ian Youngman writes regularly on the business of medical tourism for magazines and websites.

He is the author of the 760 page “Medical Tourism 2008 – The World-Wide Business Guide”, and is producing a new series of country-specific reports, going into much greater detail than is possible in the world overview.

The two reports in the Emerging Medical Tourism Countries series, South Korea 2008, and Taiwan 2008, are now available. They are to be followed by reports on China and Hong Kong, Costa Rica, The Philippines, Mexico, Israel, and Malaysia.

These unique reports investigate, from a business perspective, what is happening and will happen in regards to all aspects of medical/ health tourism in each individual country. These reports are not consumer guides.

Medical Tourism Facts And Figures 2008 Report:
Author – Ian Youngman – (an independent writer on Medical Tourism)
Cost £ 600 (Pages 760)

Offering a global overview, Medical Tourism Facts and Figures 2008, is a business report for anyone interested in the medical tourism industry. It is neither a consumer guide, nor a directory. Since there is no advertising or sponsorship, it is a totally independent publication. It will be published annually.

By separating fact from fiction, the Medical Tourism Facts and Figures report provides a market overview, information, and analysis of available figures and outlook for the Medical Tourism industry. It looks not only at the major and minor medical tourism destination countries, but also at the countries trying to enter the medical tourism market.

Offering details not readily available elsewhere, the report presents a picture of the trends and strategic corporate developments worldwide. It condenses the important up-to-date facts into a concise document.

Medical Tourism Facts And Figures 2008 explodes the myths about accreditation and the differences between medical and other accreditation. In addition, it lists all current accredited hospitals and those pursuing accreditation.

Hospitals, medical professionals, property investors, travel agents, hotels, and other services can learn about global opportunities within the medical tourism industry. This report will help clear away any confusion created by the hype from the pro-medical tourism lobby, as well as the dire warnings of doom and gloom from those who often have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

To understand how comprehensive this report is go to the Panacea website and take a look at the chapter headings of the report as well as the information that is included in each chapter.

South Korea 2008: Medical Tourism Country Report:
Author – Ian Youngman
Price £800.

The first report in the Emerging Medical Tourism Countries series is now available: South Korea 2008.

South Korea was chosen as the first country in the Emerging Medical Tourism Countries series because the government has revised immigration rules to allow foreign patients and their families to get long-term medical visas and altered laws to permit local hospitals to form joint ventures, in some cases, with foreign hospitals. The medical tourism industry in South Korea is very active while targeting specific markets.

Taiwan 2008: New Medical Tourism Country Report:
Author – Ian Youngman
Price £800.

Taiwan was chosen as the second country in the Emerging Medical Tourism Countries series. Still relatively unknown in the medical tourism industry, Taiwan is actively promoting abroad its strength in medicine. Five areas where Taiwan is competitive on a global basis are liver transplantation, joint replacement, assisted reproduction, and craniofacial and cardiovascular surgeries. Boasting quality medical treatment and advanced facilities but comparatively inexpensive fees, Taiwan is positioned to develop a healthy medical tourism industry. Taiwan has very ambitious plans to overtake other Asian countries competing for the medical traveler. The 78-page report covers the “who, what, where, why and how” of the medical tourism industry in Taiwan.

This unique report series from specialist researcher Ian Youngman, investigates from a business perspective what is happening and will happen in all types of medical and health tourism in Taiwan. This is not a consumer guide. Ian Youngman comments, “There are many new countries seeking medical travelers. Those with a high profile are not necessarily those that will have the most impact. I have chosen countries with long- term potential for success. Taiwan is underrated and under-estimated by its competitors.”