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Surgery Abroad

Surgery Abroad – Why Can It Be An Option For You?

 Operations performed by hand or highly specialized instruments are unpleasant but most of the time unavoidable interventions to explore problems or to restore ideal functions and form.

surgery Medical instruments

It is usually a one-off treatment and follow-up care, on very rare occasion does it require continuous care.

Emergency surgery is done in case of urgencies and immediate life threatening conditions. Elective surgery is a pre-scheduled and voluntary operation (plastic or cosmetic surgeries). Surgeries can be invasive or open, minimally – invasive (e.g.: laparoscopic) or noninvasive (laser surgeries).

Surgery Abroad

In case of elective and semi-elective procedures, patients have the option to get the surgery performed abroad. Our world is opening up and becoming more transparent, which means endless possibilities in medicine and as a result, in medical tourism. Patients who consider surgery abroad are motivated by lower costs, availability of certain procedures, advanced technology and innovative techniques (e.g.: in reconstructive, cosmetic, transplant surgery or microsurgery or robotic surgery).

In the U.S. surgical costs are rising, patients are having problems with insurers, so quality but cheap surgery abroad has more attraction than ever.

 How Surgical Procedures Differ Abroad?

If we opt for an internationally accredited and well-reputed hospital, the surgical setting, the pre-and post-operative follow-up treatment will be quite identical, however differences in techniques and costs can give us quite a bit of surprise.

 Pre-operation stage

Patient’s health status has to be evaluated before any surgical procedure. You have to ask the selected hospital abroad for information whether they accept any test results from your country or they will do a thorough examination themselves. If the surgeon does not speak your language, with the help of an interpreter you will be informed about the procedure, possible complications and the legal implications. You will be requested to sign the written consent translated in English or the language of your choice. You will agree on the price and must sign a medical contract with the clinic.

 Post-operation stage

For 24 hours after the surgery you will be closely monitored and all your life functions assessed again. If you are discharged from hospital, you will need a relaxing, home-like environment that you can possibly share with your family. You have to ask about the length of the recovery period in advance and about the possibilities of rehabilitation. Long-term medication might also be a concern you have to consult a local physician to prescribe you identical medication to the one you were prescribed abroad.

surgery doctor team in operating room

 Surgery Abroad Prices

If we are willing to undergo the possible toils and complications of a treatment overseas, you will surely be compensated by the reduced expenses. Having a surgery abroad, prices may be just the fraction of domestic prices. Let’s take and example, a hip replacement in the U.S.A. costs approximately $100,000, whereas the same surgery in Europe, trip, medication, private hospital and doctors’ fees included, will only cost around $15.000. Implant prices in Europe are about one-fifth of the U.S prices. All things considered, you can save up to 80% on surgery prices abroad.

Finding cheap surgery abroad is a matter of cultural preference as adequate and quality procedures are available worldwide. There is a new trend in case of U.S., Russian and Middle-Eastern patients, who instead of heading to Thailand or Latin-America, opt for surgery in Europe. The estimated number of Americans who travel for cheap surgery abroad ranges between an annual 5,000-500,000, but one thing is sure: these figures are on the rise.

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