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Cyberknife Treatment

 Standard radiotherapy is quite a drastic and physically demanding treatment used to cure tumors and other medical conditions.

The shortcoming of traditional radiotherapy is that it might fail to target accurately without damaging surrounding tissues. As the treatment is repeated daily sometimes for weeks, healthy cells usually do not have time to regenerate. 

Cyberknife is a non-invasive robotic radiosurgery instrument that significantly increases the accuracy of targeting tumors as well as the dose of radiation the affected area receives. Consequently higher effectiveness can be expected and less harm to healthy tissues. Another advantage of the cyberknife surgery is that while standard radiation requires several week long daily repetitions, cyberknife treatment can be completed in 1-5 sessions easing the recovery of healthy tissues. 


 What Conditions Can Be Treated With Cyperknife Radiation?

  • Malignant and benign tumors at any location of the body (liver, pancreas, head and neck, prostrate).
  • Spinal lesions
  • Patients who have formerly received a large dose of traditional radiotherapy.
  • Surgically dangerous or inoperable tumors

 How Does The Cyberknife Work?

A frameless robot arm is equipped with the radiation source (called linear accelerator) allowing it to move completely freely and to reposition fast in space. A high dose of radiation beam is then delivered exactly to the tumor site.

In spite of the name, Cyberknife surgery does not involve incision and it implies no pain at all. As it is painless, no anesthesia is required and the patient can return to normal routine immediately. 

Cyberknife treatment is supported by a real-time image guidance system that makes immediate either X-ray or more developed tumor tracking (for soft tissue or moving tumors in the lung and pancreas) imaging possible. It enables the device to sense and adjust the radiation beam to patient movement there is no need for a frame to stabilize patients. 


How Can You Get Cyberknife Treatment?

  • After being diagnosed, ask your doctor if you are recommended Cyberknife radiation and he will give you a referral to the nearest Cyberknife centre. 
  • Then in the centre your condition will be evaluated by the oncologist or surgeon. 
  • If you have soft tissue or moving tumor, fiducials (tiny gold markers) will be inserted around the tumor.
  • A CT and MRI imaging is made pre-treatment. 
  • Your doctor plans every detail of your treatment and delivers the radiation.

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