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Travel Insurance


Health insurance is a vital component of every patient’s healthcare plan abroad. It consists of a wide spectrum of medical insurance policies offered to medical travelers by insurance companies or travel agencies. Travelers with a bit of attention and research can easily match their needs in the vast market, and choose a travelers insurance with special expertise in the service the patient needs in particular. There is an immense directory of medical tourism health insurance all over the world for the convenience of any medical holiday maker.

The Role of  Health Insurance in Medical Tourism

Travel insurance is a comprehensive insurance plan to protect the traveler from unforeseen occurrences like loss of possessions, cancelled flights and a variety of health related circumstances.
Most frequently they offer coverage against the following unpredictable circumstances:


  1. Medical Emergency (accident and sickness)
  2. Visitor Health Insurance (in the U.S.A)
  3. Accidental death, injury or disablement benefit
  4. Back transport in case of serious injury.

These kind of traditional holiday insurance policies are quite problematic in case of medical travelers.

Travelers medical insurance differs essentially from a normal in-land health plan or health insurance; it is focused and designed for the medical tourist with the primary purpose of meeting the needs of the emerging industry of medical travel.

Many companies and organizations in the medical tourism industry provide benefits for people who want or need to travel in order to receive medical treatment outside their countries. If you are currently considering a medical procedure abroad, it is important for you to review the policy of your travelers insurance and coverage options.

Why do I need Medical Travel Insurance?

As mentioned before, if you are travelling abroad with the intention of receiving medical treatment, standard travel insurance does not work. Its coverage is limited and you will be classified as high-risk category client. Furthermore, in some First World countries, trip insurance does not cover knee or hip replacements, orthopedic surgery in general, and limits the patient s right to select the facility and the prosthetics.

If you need cardiac surgery, dentistry, orthopedic or cosmetic surgery, among many other categories, medical tourism to Singapore, Thailand, Colombia, Mexico, India, Cuba and Costa Rica might be of your consideration. Despite being Third World countries they offer a surprisingly high quality medical environment, but still, the risk to take is yours. It is about your health, safety and comfort.

That’s why you need special travel insurance when you travel for medical care. Some of the organizations offer or provide coverage for:

  • Medical complications that result in extra expenses.
  • Enhanced benefits in relation with complications that appear up to 6 or so months after the procedure, once you are back at home.
  • Complication covered for disability.
  • Complication covered for death.
  • Additional costs of travel.
  • Family coordination.
  • Residence modification and others.

Basic Structure of Health Insurance for Travelers

Medical insurance companies offer these basic packages:

  • Before travel: if the patient has to cancel or delay the trip.
  • During travel: complications/accidents during the planned treatment, if the recovery period is longer or for post-operative complications. It includes accommodation, flights, daily allowance, consultation fees, and medication.
  • After travel: correction of unsuccessful surgery, including flights.

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